Lil’ Guardians representing Malaysian flowers

I know. It’s very hard to find what’s native because we can actually find all types of flowers here in Malaysia, even the rarest ones. But I am trying hard to list down flowers (from A to Z) that can be found or planted and survived the weather in Malaysia and illustrate them all. Here are two typical flowers with their own lil’ guardians. I am excited to draw the others! I have four so far, 22 more. Here’s two.

Watercolor on watercolor paper.

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    1. Akak paint dengan cermatnya, heheh. Sebenarnya ada cara nak contain watercolor pada brush dan ratakan pada paper. Nanti akak cuba buat video dan post kat blog. Tak apa, ok tu. Mula-mula memang keras tangan, lama-lama akan lembutlah ia.

  1. K. Em, tak tahu nak cakap… cantik sangat!!!! Mesti saya nak beli buku k.Em! FRIM ada keluarkan buku Flora, boleh buat rujukan

  2. This is nice… heck, more than nice!:)

    Yeah, pls make that video. Would love to see your painting technique. I love watercolor paintings but I fail every time I try to paint WC style.. it doesn’t look like WC and it’s messy cos I end up using way too much color instead 🙁

  3. oh, yg ni feature native flowers ke.. blh la tambah pengetahuan 😀
    Walaupun tinggal kat Malaysia, still ramai tak tahu nama bunga2 yg ada kat sini.
    setakat hibiscus, rafflesia, orchid, begonia (ni pun baru belajar).. blh kira dgn jari je berapa yg tahu..

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