Throwback Thursday: my bundle of joy

Janice of This is a Miracle have initiated a theme for every Thursday called Throwback Thursday where she posts old photos of her sons in her blog. Her idea is so brilliant, so I have asked her whether if I could join her. She is so kind to let me and here is my first post for the theme.

Yassin at birth  I-hour old Yassin
Yassin at birth (in the labor room)
Photos were taken by my husband using his Sony Ericsson mobile phone

Yassin - 2wks old

Yassin - sleeping
Two weeks old Yassin
Photos were taken using Fuji FinePix S5000

Yassin’s Book
I’ve practically have compiled Yassin’s development from birth to 12 months
in a book. I’ve printed it out and binded it myself. I have photos of his ultrascan images, hands and foots prints, first doodlings, first shoes, first toy cars and many more.

Yassin’s favourite book!
This is Yassin’s very first book – My Kitty by Lamaze

The experience of having a baby was indescribable. From the beginning Yassin was his own little person and I didn’t know him. What I didn’t realize then, but have come to understand now, as his mother I have unparalleled access to him and have a chance to get to know him better.

This is an incredible journey and I love being his mom Emila.

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  1. aww… so cute.. i can smell the baby smell.. 😀
    your scarpbook is so neat! he’ll thank you when you show it to him when he’s older! you’re a great mom!

  2. Glad to see your first post up. I came by just now but it was still not loaded. How cool to be able to post some old picture of the boy right? All newborn seemed to have the same look huh. You are a great mommy to keep all of his developments in a book. What about those after 12 mths old? hehe ;p

    I’ve got the 2 boy’s newborn foot prints made into mold. It was really costly. Zac’s cost S$169. Amos one cost S$209.

    Cant wait to see your younger days Yassin next week 🙂

    Janice Ng

  3. Hola Marzie! Janice made it possible for me to post Yassin’s old photos! Yay!

    Jean! I miss the heavenly baby smell!

    Janice! Am so glad to join you for this theme. I haven’t keep track of his development after 12 months…too busy running after him hahaha. I wish I could do the mold too. Maybe I will do it during his coming birthday in December. I will post his foot and hand prints next week!

  4. Awww.. you compile his development. This is cool. I think its a good idea. Maybe once i got married, i would do that too. I’m sure its gonna be fun. :)))

  5. ok babe. tears in my eyes now. wish i could capture “every single moment” of Ali’s cry & laughter & giggle & everytime he looks at me as if i am his world and he is mine

  6. Ha ha ha, now those are some GREAT pictures! I love the 3rd one, talk about some serious crying! Just precious 🙂 Emila, you have blossomed into one of the internet’s best bloggers! Everytime I look at your blog, I am blown away. You have got it going on!!!!! :mrgreen:

  7. Sandra, thank you!

    Janice, I saw the mold kit in Toys R Us. Will definitely buy it soon!

    Pupu! You can too!

    Hi Karen, indeed I am the happiest mother on earth!

    Valerie, thank you!

    Bobby! I love that picture too!

    Yvy, thank you!

    Chinnee, I will reveal more next week!

  8. emi, yassin is so kelakar la…neway, emi..aku ada buat announcement kat blog aku…expect the unexpected…tu du du du tu du du du (muzik saspen p ramlee)…jeng jeng jeng….

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