My new book: My Father’s Farm


Alhamdulillah, my new book in the DinaSeries is out. You can buy online from or buy from Silverfish Books located at Level 2, Bangsar Shopping Village 2, Bangsar, KL.

My Father’s Farm (RM25.00)
Author :Emila Yusof
Illustrator :Emila Yusof
Size:190 x 135mm
Publisher :Oyez!Books
ISBN :9789670908052

Description: Dina follows her father around the farm. She lends a helping hand and has lots of fun.

The Gift Of The Ladybug teaches us to see that we all have special gifts


I read this book many times over and every time I read it, it makes me cry.

The book tells a story of two horses that dreamed of having a baby colt. A year later, they were blessed with a baby boy. They were so blinded by love that they did not realised that their baby were not a colt. After seeing the doctor, they learned that their baby was a ladybug.

They named him Polkadot and celebrated his qualities, his exquisite wings and bright colours and most of all his lovable personality.


At first they did not know how to care for Polkadot but after seeking advice from the doctor, they learned that he flies, eat other bugs and that he will stay tiny and delicate.

The most devastating news was that he has a short life span.They cried their heart out day and night because their little Polkadot would never live as long as they would.

Polkadot was confused but told his parent that he loves everything about himself and that being a ladybug is all that he knew how to be.


The horses realised that their son was right and from that moment their sad tears turned to happy tears. They were blessed with the most special ladybug that had ever lived. They cherished every moment of Polkadot’s sweet life.

And they even caught a glimpse of what it is like to fly.


The story was written by Carole McMenamy Amber who found out that her son, TJ, would not see his second birthday. In the Author’s Note, Carole told that the story came to her in a flash during her darkest moments after finding out about her son who was diagnosed with Leigh Syndrome. She wrote it and read it countless times to TJ during Christmas. TJ peacefully passed away in April 2009 at fourteen months due to complications from the syndrome.

This beautiful book was illustrated by my talented friend, Evi Shelvia. Evi captured Carole’s word beautifully and I think it was a fate that they met each other online and created this book.

When I met Evi back in 2012, she showed me The Gift Of The Ladybug and told me that it was her first job illustrating a picture book. She studied Industrial Design, but pursues illustrations because it is her passion. I thought, wow, her work was amazing! We became friend ever since and went together to Bologna last year (2014), where we met Carole for the first time. The meeting was a very emotional one; Evi and Carole hugged for the first time, and knowing the story beforehand, I was all teary-eyed. I got the privilege to also meet Carole’s husband, Troy, and both her parents.

Knowing both the person who wrote and illustrated the book, makes this book very close to my heart.

I totally recommend you to buy this book.

The Gift Of The Ladybug
by Carole McMenamy Amber (Author), Evi Shelvia (Illustrator)
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: Ladybug Publishing (January 16, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615580947
ISBN-13: 978-0615580944
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 11 inches


Credit photos: Evi Shelvia

Emila Yusof Colourart Contest

Join the fun with Emila Yusof Colourart Contest! Colour your way to winning some great prizes including hand-drawn Emila Yusof tote bags!



How to enter

  1. Buy any ColourArt by Emila Yusof at
  2. Select your favourite drawing from any of the three books from Emila Yusof’s Colourart series.
  3. Start colouring!
  4. Upload a photo of your masterpiece to Oyez!Books FB page with the title Emila Yusof Colourart Contest.
  5. Get your friends to vote for your masterpiece by clicking Like.
  6. The Top 5 photos with the most Likes will be judged by Emila Yusof who will then select the winner!


  1. Contest runs from 15 May to 14 June 2015.
  2. Colouring must be done on original drawings from any of the Colourart books by Emila Yusof. These are Mother Earth, Nature Sings and Dream World.
  3. Colouring can be done in any medium as long as it is done by hand.
  4. Only photos posted on Oyez!Books page during the contest period will be eligible for entry. Posted photos can be shared.
  5. Photos may be used for promotional purposes on Oyez!Books website and social media channels.
  6. Total Likes will be based on statistics as provided by Facebook for the period of the contest. Cutoff time is 12pm on 14 June.
  7. Contest results will be announced by 14 June at Silverfish Bookstore at 4-5pm. Judge’s decision is final.


  1. Winner will receive RM100 worth of book vouchers from Oyez!Books, one complete set of all Colourart books, and a beautiful hand-drawn tote bag by Emila Yusof.
  2. The remaining four participants from the Top 5 will receive one Colourart book of their choice, and a beautiful hand-drawn tote bag by Emila Yusof.