i-City, Shah Alam

My son, Yassin, had been restless at home since school holiday started; he read books, played Lego, scaled the house like Spiderman and did everything to keep himself busy. He wanted to go somewhere for the holiday but as I was busy with work and travel assignment, I told him to wait. My husband was busy with work as well. So after I got back from Sarawak, I took him and his cousin sister to visit i-City in Shah Alam as we had never been here.

i-City is a unique theme park where all the main attractions are made of plastic and millions of bright LED lights. It boasts a City of Digital Lights, Outdoor Fun Park and Snowalk. We visited the Snowalk first as Yassin could not wait to get his hands on the snow. After paying RM100 (RM35 for an adult; RM30 for a kid), we went inside the snow house. Yassin was thrilled to touch his first ‘snow’.

Covering a total of 4645 square meters of Arctic environment below 5 degrees Celsius, attractions around Snowalk include 100 tons of ice sculptures that were shaped by a team of 30 ice sculptors from Harbin, China.

We stayed for about half an hour before running out from the cold house to find something to warm us! We were only given free jackets to go in. Gloves, cap and earmuffs have to be rented. I was not keen to pay more for the extra stuff, so yeah, we were numbs all-over.

After warming ourselves with hot drinks, we explore the City of Digital Lights and Outdoor Fun Park. There are LED-made trees, flamingos, giraffe, cherry blossoms surrounding the park. Other than that, there’s Ferris Wheel, pirate ship and also some kiddy rides like merry-go-round and slow car. There are also some stalls selling gifts, toys, drinks and food.

Yassin had a great fun and hoping to come again soon. But to me, as I was discussing with my 17 year-old niece, the place did not turned out to be as what we expected. It could be better. Anyway, for photography enthusiasts, this is a good place to experiment and test knowledge about lightings.

Here are some useful information about i-City:

D-1-G, Jalan Multimedia 7/AJ, CityPark, i-City (along Federal Highway), 40000 Shah Alam, Malaysia.
(GPS: 3.064753, 101.485391)

Operations Hours:
City of Digital Lights: 7pm – 4am daily
Outdoor Park Rides: 6pm – 12am daily
Snowalk : 10am – 12am daily

Price Guidelines:
City of Digital Lights – Free
Outdoor Park Rides: RM5 to RM10 per pax
Snowalk: RM30 (kid) to RM35 (Adult)

Mon – Sun (6pm – 6am): RM10/per entry

How to get there:
Bus: From KL take RapidKL U80 to Shah Alam bus station, then switch to U605 to get to i-City
KTM Commuter: From KL take the KTM train to Padang Jawa station, then catch a taxi to i-City.


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National Botanical Garden Shah Alam

National Botanical Garden Shah Alam (Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam) or previously known as Taman Pertanian Bukit Cherakah is a place where you can take your family for the weekend or school holiday or public holiday. You must take more than a day or so to explore the place. I’ve been here twice (2008 and 2011) with my family and frankly, we haven’t done exploring the park. Covering an area of 817 hectares, this agro-forestry park boasts Animal Park, Ornamental Garden, 4 Seasons Temperate House, Spices & Beverages Garden, Cactus Garden, Tropical Fruit Garden not to mention dams and lakes as well as a village and chalets.

On both visits, we got to cover animal park, paddy field, tropical fruit gardens, cactus garden, lakes, some trails and Kampung Idaman.

Selected animals and birds are displayed here at this 72-hectare Animal Park.  We were allowed to touch and feed some of the animals and learn to care for them. When I showed this picture to my son Yassin, he could not really remember visiting the animals as he was 4 back then. A reason that I should take him again soon to see the animals.

After visiting the animal park, we went on a hiking trail. It was great surrounded by trees, trees and more trees!

Visiting lakes which is extremely rich with dragonflies and waterlilies was equally great! You know how I love these two subjects and taking pictures of both was exciting. Here are some selected pictures from my archive that I captured around Lake C, or Pool C.

And these are some pictures taken near the Kayak Lake.

I have hundreds of pictures taken around National Botanical Garden Shah Alam and if I were to show more, I am afraid that this blog will load very slowly. Furthermore, I want you to go and experience this botanical garden that has now become one of the nation’s most popular parks, with live demonstrations, dynamic permanent displays, cultural exhibits, recreational facilities, accommodation, picnic areas, open-air amphitheatres, nature trails, public amenities and numerous educational opportunities. So, if you are day-trippers, tourists, campers, anglers, naturalists, birders, families, excursion groups, hikers, school children, university students, research scientists, farmers, agriculturalists and nature-lovers, this is a place where you want to be.

One exciting way to explore this botanical garden is to rent bicycle. My family and I did that during our 2nd visit here. We love it so much, even though I was catching my breath like crazy. If you are not into cycling, worry not. You can walk and also take the bus provided by the management to go from one area to another. But you must wait at dedicated bus-stops, else the bus won’t stop for you.

I am planning my next trip to this place to visit the Four Seasons Temperate House. It is now ‘fall season’ there. Here are some useful information that I want to share with you if you are planning to visit National Botanical Garden Shah Alam too:

Operating hours:
8am – 5pm (Tuesday – Sunday) The park is closed every Monday except public and school holidays.

Information and booking:
603-5510 6922/5510 7048

Entrance fee:
Adult ticket (12 – 54 years) – RM 3.00
Children ticket (6 – 11 years) – RM 1.00
Senior citizens (55 years and above) – RM 1.00
Visitors aged 6 years and below, orphanage and the Disabled – Free Entry

Other fees:

Bicycle rental
RM3 for first hour, RM1 subsequently
(available from 8.30am to 4.30pm)

Four Seasons Temperate House
Adult ticket (12 years and above) – RM 3.00
Children ticket (4 – 11 years) – RM 1.00
Visitors aged 4 years and below and the Disabled – Free entry

Kg Idaman Accommodation (11 Unit)
Weekdays – RM 80.00
Weekends/holidays – RM 100.00

A Frame Accommodation (20 Unit)
Weekdays and weekends/holidays – RM 20.00

 Have fun planning your trip to National Botanical Garden Shah Alam. Peace!




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Zombie Outbreak at Sunway Lagoon!!!

Almost! I almost faint in fear!! I just happened to be at Sunway Lagoon when I saw a group of zombies terrorising the area! I was speechless and paralysed and before I could blink my eyes, those horrifically maladjusted misfits, or at least what is left of them, kidnapped two visitors!! The horrific scene happened so fast, and in my mind the sound of Michael Jackson’s Thriller played over and over again…”you try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it, you start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes, you’re paralysed…”

Little did I know, I was actually at a Zombie Outbreak quarantine area… no wonder, zombies ran amok!

I ran inside a building only to find more zombies. Armed only with a camera, all I could do was steal some shots while tip-toeing in fear, looking for a safe place and hope for the best.

When I was about to find my way out, a zombie got me and everything went blank…

Relax. It was just a media experience of Horrorwood Studios 2 – Zombie Apocalypse launched yesterday night at Scream Park, Sunway Lagoon. Did I fooled you there? I was invited to experience the ‘outbreak’ and boy, I really screamed my heart out and today, while writing this, I lost my voice. I hope to recover it back soon.

Speaking at the launch yesterday, Mr H. C. Chan, CEO of Sunway Shopping Malls and Theme Parks, told guests and media that Horrorwood Studio 2 – The Zombie Apocalypse is the latest phase expansion at Lynton V Harris’  Scream Park @ Sunway Lagoon.  The ‘new shipment’ of zombies will join other hair-raising characters from cinematic staples from the horror genre like Friday the 13th, Saw, Scream, Nightmare on Elmstreet and Alien. Other chill experience here includes local entities like Pontianak, Penanggal and Hantu Pocong.

Mr H. C. Chan was the one who ‘released’ all the zombies.

3D ghost. I was given a pair of 3D glasses to experience the full effect.

Horrorwood Studios 2 – Zombie Apocalypse boasts three floors of fear as visitors can expect to get closer with live action zombies and other entities which haunt the darkest recesses of our minds.

Speaking through a webcast which was aired during this launching, the creator of Scream Park, Lynton V Harris told us that while every culture has their dark entities which invoke terror, the thought of the dead re-animating is a universal anomaly that causes unease. He feels that the time has come when people can experience the reality where the undead roam amongst us.

If you wish to visit Lynton V Harris’  Scream Park @ Sunway Lagoon, you have to get the package rate for all parks (Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park & Scream Park).

Admission Fee:
Normal Rates: RM100 for an adult | RM80 for a child/senior citizen
25% Off with MyKad:  RM75 for an adult | RM60 for a child/senior citizen

Operating hours:
Sunway Lagoon operates from 11am- 6pm on Monday, Wednesday throughout Sunday. Not operating on Tuesday. During public holiday and school holiday, it starts an hour early.

For more information, do visit Sunway Lagoon website.

And oh, Jason Voorhees says “hello”.

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Top 7 Family Activities in Kuala Selangor

If you want to visit Kuala Selangor with your family but have no idea where to begin, don’t worry, here is a list of Top 7 Family Activities in Kuala Selangor that I compiled based on my own trip  just to give you some  ideas of where to go and what to do.

1. Take the train ride up to Bukit Malawati — The train will take you and your family around Bukit Malawati and it will stop at the summit where you can hop off and do other activities. You can later hop on other train to continue the ride down the hill and later to Freshwater Park and Kuala Selangor Nature Park and a bit of the town. Attractions along the ride include Royal Tomb, Poisonous Well, 100 Steps and Seven Wells. The fee for a complete ride is RM3 for an adult and RM1 for a kid.

Colorful train ride.

2. Play and take pictures with Silver Leaf monkeys — Hop off at Bukit Malawati summit and get to see tens of Silver Leaf monkeys. These monkeys were quite playful and some even sit still to allow you to take photos with them. If you are into animal photography, this is the time to get close to them and take loads of pictures. You can buy a bundle of food for RM2 from a peddler to feed the monkey but please take note that it is not encouraged to do so as it will disrupt their natural feeding habits.

My son playing with a monkey. Please keep your children under supervision at all time.

A female Silver Leaf monkey with its baby.

3. Visit the Historical Museum of Kuala Selangor District  — This is a place where you and your children can learn how Kuala Selangor got its name, who were the Sultans, how did the hill became a battlefield, and many more. You can use the new-found knowledge to play History Q&A fun games with your children in the car. Admission is free and the museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30am to 5.30pm.

4. Take a walk at Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP)  —  This is a great place to instil love for nature and environment into children. KSNP is managed by the Malaysian Nature Society(MNS) for the Selangor State government. This park comprises 324 hectares with four rich habitats, namely: secondary forest, mangroves, brackish water lake and coastal mudflats. KSNP operates daily (including Saturday and Sunday) from 8:30am to 6:00pm. Admission Fee is RM4 per adult and RM1 for student and children below 16. Malaysian Nature Society member pay RM2.

Left: My son and husband are real walkers, I could not keep up with them. Right: An observatory tower.

5. Kuala Selangor Freshwater Fish Park   —  Located just next to Kuala Selangor Nature Park, this fish park houses about 1500 fishes from 60 species, mostly from rivers and peat swamps in Selangor. The history of freshwater fish in Kuala Selangor and type of traps used by fishermen can be seen in the Freshwater Fish Gallery. Entry into the park is RM2 per adult and it opens from 9.30am to 4.30pm daily.

6. Light up your night at Kg. Kuantan Fileflies Sanctuary  —  Here is a chance for you to have that enchanting hours when creatures of the forest wakes from their afternoon slumbers and venture out to play at dusk. The park opens from 7.30pm until 10.30pm and a fee for a boat is RM40 (for 4 persons).

7. Have your dinner at Medan Ikan Bakar Pantai Jeram  —  Take your family to this seafood restaurant at Pantai Jeram located  about 18km south of Kuala Selangor town, along the coastal road to Klang. The food here was great and we spent about RM100 for Chili Crab, Grilled Fish, Grilled Squid, Mixed Vegetables, Tomyam Soup, rice and drinks.

Kuala Selangor is just about an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur and to get to Kuala Selangor, you can opt for The KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR Expressway) linking Kuala Lumpur at Templer’s Park in the district of Gombak with the township of Ijok in the district of Kuala Selangor. This expressway is the alternative link road to the Federal Road 54 (Jalan Sungai Buloh – Kuala Selangor).

Here are more posts of Kuala Selangor:
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Kg. Kuantan Fireflies



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Pulau Ketam, Selangor

Spontaneous trip is always fun. The art of not planning is what makes it more exciting.

Few weeks back on Sunday, my family and I went to Pulau Ketam after a morning walk at a park. It was unplanned and I mentioned to my husband that I would love to go and look what’s in Pulau Ketam and he said the magic word—let’s go. We took the Federal Highway and finding our way was easy, we just followed the signboards to Pulau Ketam Jetty.

We bought tickets at the price of RM7 per adult and RM4 per children (one way). 3 adults and 1 kid, to and fro = RM50. We boarded a ferry with a capacity of  at least 70 passengers. Interesting trip as it took us through Pulau Klang to reach Pulau Ketam. The narrow channel is covered in mangrove swamp and is uninhabited.

We reached Pulau Ketam in about 40 minutes time. We saw a lot of crabs when we arrived at the jetty—now we know how the island got it’s name, Ketam means crabs.

We had our lunch there before going around the village for a walk. We were quite hungry and below were the first two dishes that arrived on our table. The rest came later and I totally forgot to snap pictures. Haha. There are a lot of seafood restaurants here and we picked one with a Bismillah signboard. It’s a Chinese restaurant that serves only seafood and I saw that a lot of Muslims came here to eat. I totally forgot the name of this restaurant. But if you come from the jetty, take Jalan Dua and look for a restaurant with the Bismillah sign, it’s on your right side.

After lunch, we went around the fishing village to look at how a fishing village look like mostly the area of Jalan Timur and Sungai Satu.  Pulau Ketam is equipped with almost all the basic facilities—there’s hospital, police station, surau, fire station, power station, post office, bank, hotel and shops. Pulau Ketam is free from traffic jam as the main transportation here is bicycle.

Pulau Ketam was founded when three Hainan fishermen from Bagan Hainan, Port Klang, arrived at Pulau Ketam catching crabs for their living. At first, they came and returned to Port Klang daily. The journey took almost a day, so they built a small house to stay overnight. In 1872, they decided to stay permanently and built a temple named “Chuan Eng Bio” located near Jalan Timur. In 1883, the population increased almost to hundred and major activities were catching crabs, fishes and prawns. Some of them built sundries shops, and fish dealer shops. The locals are mainly Teochew and Hoklo (Hokkien) Chinese, with Teochew, Hokkien and Mandarin Chinese the main dialects spoken.

Chuan Eng Bio temple.

As we explored further, we saw houses and more houses built on stilts. I found it interesting that some of the houses have paintings on top of their windows. It is not just new year painting posted on top of their windows during Chinese festivals but more like a permanent fixture of decoration. Some of the houses have hanging lanterns too. I guess other than hanging it during festivals, lantern continue to be a means of artistic expression, both in terms of functionality, design, and decoration.

We came to the end of Sungai Satu where we reached a fish-dealer jetty. Fish dealing was not in sight as we came about 3pm. I think the dealing is in the morning. We took a rest before heading back the same way to the jetty.

We did not  get to visit Floating Fish Farm is as we were already tired exploring the other part of the island. We will save the other part for later when time permits. I bought a map at Greenway‘s shop and perhaps I can take the Visit Fish Farm Package. For a trip for 4 persons, the price is RM60. The package will include around the island tour on a wooden boat before arriving at the Fish Farm. At the Fish Farm, there will be a tour guide to explain about fishes reared there. Or perhaps we can take the Day Time Fishing Package which cost about the same price. This will be interesting as my son, Yassin, is very keen on fishing. He has his own fishing rod.


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Glutinous rice with salted fish and grated coconut in Ampang for breakfast

It has been few months already that I frequented a local stall that serves Glutinous Rice with Salted Fish and Grated Coconut, or locally known as Pulut Ikan Masin dengan Kelapa Parut. I discovered the stall while driving in the vicinity of the place I live in looking for breakfast.

Gerai Cik Ani Goreng Pisang is the name of the stall. Previously, Cik Ani sells goreng pisang (fried bananas) only in the afternoon but throughout the years, she expanded her stall to serve more authentic dishes for breakfast, lunch and tea-time. My top favourite here is Pulut Ikan Masin.

Pulut Ikan Masin is very common in the upper east coast of Peninsular Malaysia as well as other parts of Southeast Asia; namely Thailand, Burma, Laos and Indonesia. A cup of glutinous rice has about 150 calories, 2 very small cut of salted-fish has about 50 calories and another 50 for a spoon of grated coconut. In total, a plate of Pulut Ikan Masin has about 200 calories. I am highlighting it in case you need to keep track of your daily calorie intake.

So, if you are craving for Pulut Ikan Masin, come to Bukit Belacan (Lembah Jaya Utara), Ampang, Selangor and look for Gerai Cik Ani Goreng Pisang. You can ask for additional spicy sambal if you like and the price for a plate is RM2. It is only available during breakfast time from 7am to 11am, Monday to Saturday.

Gerai Cik Ani Goreng Pisang is located at the main road of Jalan Bukit Belacan, just in front of the 4th building of Permai Flats where a musolla (surau) is situated. There is also a grocery shop in front of Gerai Cik Ani.

Gerai Cik Ani is a typical by the road-side stall with only canopies to cover our head from the sun and the rain.  Expect to see a view of the locals; some waiting for bus, some driving out and about doing their chores and some in sporty attire walking/jogging their way to the nearby Ampang Forest Reserve. The area is very much a residence area where you can see few blocks of flats, surau, small shops, small houses, big houses, lush forest or even trace of people climbing up a hill nearby to put up flags.Very interesting view to complement a plate Pulut Ikan Masin dengan Kelapa Parut.

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