Colorful Dutamas!

I was driving to Publika, Jalan Dutamas 1, earlier today when I noticed colorful bricks at a cemented slope at a corner of the road, not far from Publika. I told my niece, that we should take picturesof the painted bricks. After handing over my commissioned paintings to Sharmila at the Art Row, I made that stop at the corner. As I didn’t bring my camera, I just took some pictures with my hand phone.

I am not sure of the motive but I am loving the idea. I noticed that the colors are quite fluorescent and thought to myself, these can act as reflectors at night. I hope someone who lives there would pass by this little blog one day and enlight me with the information. Till that happens, enjoy this picture!

Jalan Dutamas 1 corner, Dutamas, KL.


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Walking for fitness

I have been walking at KLCC Park for over two weeks now. Missed it during the trip to Redang and few days after that but continuing again yesterday.  If you are in the area from 8.30am to 10am, do look out for someone who walks too slow in dark blue or black jogging suit. Do say hello too.


On average, I walk 60 steps in 43 seconds. I am the slowest walker in the park. Others made it 30 steps or even 20 steps. I often see them twice in a round. Haha. I am still making 4km and hoping to add more kms.

KLCC park has a jogging track of 1.3km and I make sure that I walk 3 rounds (3.9km); making it 4km including the walk from the park to Cold Storage to buy Cranberry juice and to the parking lot.

I read from The Walking Site that 10,000 steps is recommended daily. I have yet to achieve that because I made 150 steps in 100m. That means 1950 steps in a round; 5850 in 3 rounds. 6000 steps in total plus the extra walk to the parking lot. So after calculating it, I need to make at least 5 and a half rounds to reach 10,000 steps.

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Shipwreck Treasures

Went for a jogging this morning and suddenly my son saw a sign showing the way to the museum and insisted that we head our way there. As I am not that fond using the underpass connecting Lake Garden and National Museum (the smell is terrible), I drove to the museum after warming down.

The both of us were really sweaty and smelly.  Haha. The air-conditioning during our 5 minutes drive to the museum did not really help.


There’s a new exhibition at Muzium Negara (National Museum) about Shipwreck Treasures going on now from 15 August 2011 until 1 January 2012.

The exhibition is to educate us about the significance of maritime archaeology and to display collection of discoveries from shipwrecks which were discovered throughout Malaysia waters.

china porcelains

more discoveries

The Malaysian waters was one of the most important trade routes in the world, traversed by merchants from China, Siam, India, Persia, Arabia and the Malay Archipelago since the start of the century and perhaps even earlier. The Southeast Asian waters not only brought together civilisations but became the setting of many tragic shipwrecks.

Effort to find these wrecks has been carried out since 1980 by several parties, each with their own agenda. Systematic work based on techniques of maritime archaeology only started in 1995 when the museum salvaged the Dutch warship, Nassau, at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

Other wrecks that has been discovered in Malaysian waters include The Diana, The Wanli, The Desaru, Royal Nanhai and few others. The Diana has been discovered near Petronas oilrig in the straits of Malacca, The Desaru at the coast of Desaru Johor, The Wanli at the coast of Dungun, Terengganu and Royal Nanhai was found 40 nautical miles east of Kuantan in Peninsular Malaysia.

Here are some pictures from the exhibition:

Anyway to find out more, do visit the exhibition.

poster taken from JMM website:

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On Saturday morning…

…we went to Titiwangsa Lake after having breakfast at Restoran Haslam.

Wanted to make this a routine but last Saturday, we couldn’t make it. Went there a week before last week.  Previously, it was not that full when we reached Titiwangsa Lake around 9am. But today, it was so full! I get to ask a boy with a fishing rod in his hand, “Dik, ada acara apa ni? Pertandingan memancing ke?” The boy replied, “haah, kak.” Ok there was a fishing competition this morning, no wonder. We made few rounds and luckily we found a spot.

And the three of us, spent time doing things we love; Yassin with his cycling, me sketching, husband taking videos.

titiwangsa lake

Didn’t bring my camera as my bag was full..just relying on my phone camera.


a frame from my husband’s camcorder

Here are some of the sketches I got to draw on lovely Saturday morning:

fern on palm tree

Epiphytic ferns on palm tree



Later on, we went to another lake! hehe…Putrajaya Lake Garden. I love it there, we got the field in front of the Millennium Monument all to ourselves. There’s no other family except some guards and landscape workers.

putrajaya lake garden

payung ceritera

Ceritera garden umbrella


[Kacang tak pernah lupakan kulit, kita je yang makan kacang dan buang kulitnya. ~ Emila

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So what do you do with a bunch of twigs?

You can do wonders if you want. Like these:

Although I have two big trees at my front yard but there wasn’t enough supply to make the above. So what I did was, went to the park, KL Lake Garden to be precise, and collect dry twigs. I am very sure that DBKL wouldn’t mind as I was doing nature a big favour; recycling.

Cool projects, right? I bought the plain frames from Ikea (3 for RM5.90) and made the pencils stand out of tissue tube. Covered the bottom part with layers of masking tape. I don’t think you need instruction for these projects as you can already figure it out by looking at them pictures.

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Petrosains Muzika

Do you like music? You do, yes? But do you know anything about the science of music? Not really, yes? My answer is ‘not really’ as well and that triggers me to learn more about it. So, yesterday I went to visit the latest exhibition in town: Petrosains Muzika at Petrosains, Level 4, Suria KLCC, Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur with my husband and son. The visit was great and we had tons of fun! Petrosains Muzika lets us mess around with music in ways we probably haven’t before; we can listen, see, touch, create and learn! Among exhibits we enjoyed include Speed of Sounds, World Music, Digital Piano Multi-Touch, Sound Spaces, Air Guitar, Never-Ending Piano, Vinyl Scratching, Giant Panpipes and many more.

Strum away the invisible guitar like Yngwie Malmsteen or Man Kidal!

Listen to World’s music by putting on the earphone and point the listening device to white spots. Can you guess what song represents Malaysia? Go and find out ‘coz I am not going to spoil the fun ^_^

You can listen to the panpipes humming by pressing your ears onto the mouth of the panpipes as well as play to the notes given by hitting the mouth with a club.

Vary the sound by just playing the strings instrument, or add woodwinds or brass or percussion to the Lahti Symphony. Better still, combine all together.

Listen to different quality of music samples from phonograph, gramophone, turntable (vinyl record) and CD.

I was lucky to be born in the era of turntable; my father had one. Funny thing is, as I recall it today, it was playing Boney M, many times over, to the extent that I could really remember the song by heart. Really.

Interactive information about Music & Seismology.

Virtual drum.

Do visit Petronas Muzika to experience all the fun. Below are details about admission hours and rates.

Admission hours
Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri – 9.30am – 5.30pm (last admission is 4.30pm)
Sat | Sun | Public Holidays – 9.30am – 6.30pm (last admission is 5.30pm)

Children (4 years old and below) – Free
Children ( 5 – 12 years old) – RM3
Adults – RM6

Booking Line

Logon to Petronas Muzika and join the on-going contest. Answers can only be obtained by visiting the exhibition. Prizes include PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii and iPod Touch. All winners will also receive a 1-year Petrosains Membership. Closing date of the contest will be on March 31, 2010.

p/s Have you been to Petronas Muzika? Let me know what you think about the exhibition and what exhibit do you enjoy most.

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