World Autism Awareness Day: Paint for Autism 2017

1 April 2017 – In conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day, Early Autism Project Malaysia (EAP) celebrated with Paint for Autism, a half-day community-focused initiative that aims to empower autism awareness and acceptance in Malaysia.

The creative campaign organized under EAP’s non-profit in partnership with Yayasan Kajian dan Pembangunan Masyarakat, The Hope Project saw more than 300 participants gather at Help International School to paint 81-piece puzzle artwork by local illustrator and children’s book author Emila Yusof.

The artwork was pieced together to reveal the final artwork that illustrated the beauty that can be found in everyone’s minds. The process of having the artwork painted by different groups of people also signified the collaborative effort required of the community to support individuals with autism and their families for them to lead fulfilling lives.

“There is so much more than we can do to support individuals with autism and their families. It begins with awareness – an awareness not only of what autism is and how we can help, but the awareness of improved integration processes through schools, acting on policies that support these families and our community role that champions a heart of hope for them, and we can all do this together,” Jochebed Isaacs, Director of EAP said in a closing speech.

Among other highlights of the event included a reading session with Subang State assemblyman, YB Hannah Yeoh, who read ‘My Brother is A Bear’ by local illustrator Hsulynn Pang, presentations by kids with autism about their strengths, a dialogue session with EAP kids and an experiential maze that allowed participants to understand more about how someone with autism may feel in different situations and environments. Free initial screenings for autism were also conducted during the event.

For World Autism Awareness Month, EAP has also initiated the ‘Kindness Starts With Me’ school campaign that is focused on developing an attitude of kindness among children and educating them about autism. So far, nearly 3000 students are already part of the programme.

“It is crucial that an attitude and response of kindness towards people with autism or people who seem different in general is cultivated at a young age. Children in schools are the leaders of our next generation and teaching kindness will encourage a more accepting society but more importantly, pave the way for a more progressive nation. We hope to continue this campaign throughout the year,” said Jochebed Isaacs.

EAP Malaysia has been providing services for individuals with autism and their families for more than 10 years. Throughout this time, they’ve worked with more than 300 individuals from 30 different countries and hope to continue to work towards creating a positive impact in the lives of families with autism. The Hope Project was initiated to extend the mission to provide quality and research-based treatment for autism to those who are unable to afford it. The outwork of this vision can be found through campaigns, training services, and video resources that are available online at


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Pray For Gaza #prayforgaza

Made this painting with the intention to donate 60% of the sale to charity of my choice for Gaza. I think I will go for VPM. Please pray for the safety of people in Gaza and pray hard for the bombings to end.

Title: Pray For Gaza
Medium: Mixed Media on canvas panel
Size: 12″ x 12″

(E-mail me at if you are interested in purchasing the painting.)



Let’s donate! Other than VPM, you can also donate to Unicef Malaysia and Islamic Relief Malaysia.

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Happy Earth Day!

Here’s wishing everybody Happy Earth Day.

Earth Day is a day to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment and is celebrated in more than 175 countries and most widely celebrated international environmental event. Earth Day is about learning how to protect biodiversity. Most countries celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd each year. Some extended it for a week and make it Earth Week.

So what have you done to preserve mother nature? You can reuse, reduce and recyle for a start. Stop using plastic bag, use a recycle bag. Do this not only on Saturday but everyday. And this is not the only thing we can do. We can also keep our country clean, do not litter, do not throw away your litter from your car, dispose your litter at the disposal bin. Preserve habitat, keep the development out of the forest reserve. Our animals need a place to stay!

These are just some of it, I am sure you can think of many. Please help me list down some more. Leave your thoughts below in the comment box.



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Ejaan yang betul

SGunakan Bahasa Melayu Dengan Betulebagai seorang yang sedang menjalankan Kempen Gunakan Bahasa Melayu Dengan Betul, ingin Kak Emila membebel di sini, bahawa ejaan yang betul juga termasuk didalam kempen tersebut. Banyak ulasan yang Kak Emila terima rata-ratanya menggunakan bahasa ringkas. Kalau hendak gunakan perkataan ‘slang’ boleh tetapi ejalah dengan sepenuhnya. Pastikan juga huruf besar dipermulaan pada pangkal ayat.

Maaf jika Kak Emila cerewet tetapi Kak Emila ingin mengembalikan kegemilangan Bahasa Melayu dan juga ingin melihat penggunaan bahasa ini tidak diambil ringan. Jangan berkecil hati dengan Kak Emila kerana Kak Emila sayang kamu semua dan teguran in adalah teguran sayang.

Jika hendak mengulas dalam Bahasa Inggeris pun boleh tapi pastikan penggunaan huruf besar dipermulaan pada pangkal ayat ya.

Mari kita mulakan dengan mengeja dengan betul dan juga menggunakan huruf besar dipermulaan pada pangkal ayat.  Mari adik-adik sekelian!

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Clear your own table

Whenever I go to IKEA, it is a must to have something to eat at the food court. And when I eat, I will ALWAYS clear my table.


Because I read the sign and respond to it.

And it is also because I want other people who are waiting to sit, can sit right away. I hate to see people waiting. I am also hoping that one day I will get a clear table and sit right away. But so far, my hope is just a hope. I know there are employees to clear tables but what is written on the signboard is very clear. They can keep the price low when less staff are needed to take care of the place.

I salute the effort done by schools to teach children how to clear their table after eating. Both schools that my son goes to, have this system. After eating, they will right away put their garbage in a proper place.

I hope parents can learn from children, I know I do.

But I only do this where appropriate. Not all food courts or restaurants have this system because the bill includes service charge.

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