Begonia from Köln. Not sure of the species as Begonia has about 1,400 different plant species. Perhaps this is Begonia Nonstop. But then again there are hundreds of nonstop species. I wish to go learn to be botanist. Botanist that travel around the world to learn about plant science and illustrate. Never too late!

begoniaMixed media on Daler Rowney sketchbook.

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Additional illustrations for Princesses book

As the pages are not enough, publisher decided to add two more stories; Bidasari and Tun Fatimah. Bidasari is a princess but Tun Fatimah is a queen by marriage. So yeah, I followwww. This book along with my two other picture books will be featured at The Borders Book Festival in Penang on 31st November and 1st December 2013. I will update the details. So, if you are in Penang, do drop by and say hi.


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Art & Places: Statue of Minerva, Romerberg, Frankfurt

Here is a statue of Minerva situated in front of timbered houses at Romerberg, Frankfurt.

Pencil and color-pencil on Moleskine plain notebook.

Minerva  was an ancient Roman goddess of wisdom and reason, of warfare for a good cause, protector of handicrafts, arts, schools and sciences. She was the daughter of Jupiter, the king of the gods.

Minerva was built from red sandstone by sculptor Friedrich Schierholz  in 1893/94. It was half destroyed in 1944 during the WW2 and again in 1951 by the Romans. Later in 1983, sculptor Fritz Klimsch sculpted an exact copy of the statue. Minerva wears a lion head’s helmet with a crest decorated with a head of a woman (not sure what this means) and feathers.

She holds a spear on her left hand while the head of Medusa on her right. She is wearing a toga protected with an Aegis, a shield or buckler, on her body. She stands on a column decorated with floral ornaments.



Kunst Im Offenlichen – Minerva Fountain



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Art & Places: Statue of Justice, Romerberg, Frankfurt

The statue of the goddess Justitia that graces the Fountain of Justice (Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen) stands proudly at the heart of the Romerberg, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Pencil and color-pencil on Moleskine Plain Notebook.

Previously, in 1610, the sculptor Johann Hocheisen created the fountain and the figure from red sandstone but after the war, Justitia had lost half of her arm (not sure left or right) and the scales went missing. Later in 1887, she was rebuilt in bronze by F. R. Schierholz, funded by a Frankfurt wine merchant.

Justitia, the Roman goddess of Justice, is an allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems. Justitia is depicted with a set of scales suspended from her right hand, upon which she measures the strengths of a case’s support and opposition. Mature, pretty and draped in flowing robes, she is also carrying a sword in her left hand, symbolizing the power of Reason and Justice, which may be wielded either for or against any party.

The statue is adorned with 4 water nymphs on the corners of its pedestal as symbol of fertility.


Reference: – Lady Justice
Fountain of Justice
Historical Frankfurt – Fountain of Justice




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