What to Pack for a Hiking Vacation

Selecting the right hiking gear is vital if you want to have an enjoyable hiking trip. In order to have a safe and refreshing hike, you need to pack enough supplies and make sure you have suitable clothing for the trip. Thankfully, packing for a hacking trip doesn’t have to be a tricky task to tackle. These next three tips will help you prepare for your next adventure.


Pack Layers of Clothes

The best way to dress for a hiking trip is to wear layered clothes. If there’s one thing unpredictable about this type of adventure, it’s the weather. The weather in the mountains can shift from hot and sunny to absolutely freezing in a matter of minutes, especially when the sun sets or rises.

Wearing layers of clothes when hiking can help you adapt to changes in the weather condition quickly. You can add more to stay warm, or simply remove some layers if the day gets a bit warm. Be sure to consider these layers when packing your clothes.

The outmost layer is the most important. Even when you’re expecting a hot day during the trip, you must always pack a windbreaker or a waterproof jacket. A pair of waterproof trousers is a good idea too.

Hiking Boots

You’ll be walking most of the time, so choose a pair of hiking boots that fits you perfectly. Women’s walking boots are easy to find these days, so finding a pair that fits you like a glove – well, like a good pair of shoes – is very easy. Be sure to select hiking boots that are light and comfortable; comfort should be your priority.

Some hiking boots have more features. You can, for instance, choose a pair that’s waterproof and dirt-proof. These features will help make the entire trip so much better since you can keep your feet dry and protected.

A Backpack for the Job

Many hikers – especially beginners – focus most of their attention on accessories and hiking gear. These items are indeed essential, but you should never forget the backpack that will carry them throughout the trip. Never – and I do mean NEVER – settle for a cheap backpack, especially when you have a lot to carry or you’re going on a long hiking trip. The last thing you want to happen is for the bag to fail you in the middle of your adventure.

When it comes to backpacks for hiking trips, I usually suggest carrying two backpacks: a 45-litre one and an 18-litre daypack. The larger backpack is for storing clothes and all of the hiking essentials. The daypack, on the other hand, is useful for carrying items that you will use frequently during the trip, such as sunglasses and your medications.

Of course, these are just the basics. You can add more items to your packing list according your needs and personal preferences. Check your bags before you embark on the adventure and be sure to carry extras of essential items to ensure an enjoyable and truly satisfying hiking trip.

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  1. Semasa aktif panjat gunung dulu, semasa berkumpul sebelum gerak, mesti semua timbang beg dulu. Berbelas kilo berat beg bila nak pergi berkhemah. Memang kena beli beg yang bagus.

    1. Betul tu.. paling ingat masa panjat Gunung Kinabalu.. beg dlm 12 kilo kot.. guna beg hiking dan kawan2 tumpang sekali.. pastu hire org (lupa panggilan apa) untuk bawakan beg.. kalau sendiri yg bawa, rasanya tak sampai highest peak kot >.<

        1. Iye.. mmg pengalaman manis yang sukar dilupa 🙂 Walaupun dah 13 tahun berlalu.. hehe.. Menyimpan hajat untuk panjat lagi tapi stamina mcm tak mencukupi >.<

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