5 Best Emerging Travel Destinations

Similar to clothing, restaurants, haircuts and London boroughs, the travel industry sees emerging trends every year. From city breaks to gap years to package holidays – there is always a hot new destination to check out. Here is a list of the top five hot spots to visit in summer 2016.

1. Marrakech, Morrocco

Guests enter a haze of swirling patterns, bustling souks and spicy scents on a trip to Marrakech. Top sites to visit include Musee de Marrakech, Djemaa El-Fna square, Marrakech Medina and Jardin Majorelle. You might by now have guessed that French is commonly spoken throughout the city! Be sure to take a wander around the markets to be part of the distinctive scents, sounds and movement.


2. Siem Reap, Cambodia

South East Asia is a must for most travellers looking for a life changing experience. This city is a gateway into one of the largest religious sites in the world – perfect for those looking to get spiritual. Discover the ruins of Angkor Wat, get a monk water blessing at Bayon Temple and make your way through Angkor Night Market. Nearby, the 12th century Angkor Thom royal city is another highlight.

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik hosts a bit of a fairytale landscape, with gothic churches and spires punctuate the skyline. This is a city soaked in fascinating European history and culture, often overlooked for Paris and London. Take a walk around the UNESCO listed Old Town, explore the palaces, discover the old city walls and – most importantly – call in at a restaurant for some delicious Croatian wine.


4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

For some South American flavour, head to Argentina’s confident capital city that has a European twist. This is home of the tango, so expect a lively night life with lots of dancing. It has also built a reputation for being a bit of a shopping mecca, so this is an ideal destination for those looking to splash some cash on indulgences. Be sure to call in at the city’s oldest bar, Cafe Tortoni, built in 1858.

5. New York, America

The concrete jungle that needs no introduction, New York sells itself to travellers everyday through TV, song and film. Williamsburg in Brooklyn is on the rise an up and coming trendy area, so swing on by for a cool cocktail in an arcade game themed bar. There are always new exhibitions on at the galleries an museums and the National History Museum never fails to impress visitors of all ages.

Of course, nothing quite beats the classics like a sunny beach in Marbella or a romantic stay in Paris. As long as you book for somewhere that gets you excited – you’re onto a winner.

Images by Martin Fisch and Ivan Ivankovic used under the Creative Commons license.

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    1. Lucky you! I have never been to any, actually. But these are the places on my bucket list. Keeping a hope if GTN can send me to one of these places if not all! Hehe.

  1. alamak.. semua negara pun tak pernah sampai lagi.. yg rasa mampu utk tahun 2016, pegi Cambodia la kot. Tapi, teringin pula nak pegi Morocco >.<

      1. hihi.. rasa sendiri dah tua sebab ramai sgt adik2 kat bawah.. teringin nak jadi backpacker tapi susah nak cari kwn satu kepala :'(

          1. itulah.. kalau lelaki, lain cerita.. perempuan travel sorang mcm risky sgt pula.. tapi pernah je dgr cerita sorang teman poskad (perempuan) dari Filipina, dia dtg ke Malaysia dlm tahun ni backpacker sorang2. OMG! beraninya dia.. agak inspiring but still, I’m not brave enough to do so >.<

    1. oh, Russia pun? nak jumpa Vladimir Putin ke? hihi.. kalau jadi kenyataan dpt pegi Morocco & Argentina, jgn lupa kirim poskad ya πŸ˜‰

        1. Mcm tu ke.. saya byk je dpt poskad dari Russia, tak perasan pula ada tempat yg mcm dlm cerita aladin. hihi. Kalau Istanbul, satu family saya teringin nak pegi sana.. masa je tak tau bila..

    1. best kan.. baca review ni pun dah rasa mcm nak pegi melancong skrg juga.. tapi kena tunggu org derma 2.6 billion baru blh pegi semua tempat dlm wishing list. hehe..

        1. hehe.. yela kan.. 2 juta pun kira bersyukur dah. cumanya, nak tunggu org derma tu mcm berangan jela sampai ke sudah πŸ˜›

    1. InsyaAllah moga kita semua dimurahkan rezeki untuk melancong ke sana πŸ™‚ tak dpt lawat semua, satu dua tempat pun jadi la kan.. jom kumpul duit ^_^

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