Vken Energy Socks

Knowing that I travel a lot, a friend gave me a pair of Vken socks to try out. I have knee and back pain also and she said that it is good to try Vken. So I am all out to try the socks.


For your information, Vken Ultimate Energy products help soothe, relieve, repair, remove, rejuvenate, restore and detox by improving the micro-circulation of blood in our body. These bring more oxygen and nutrients to damaged or ‘starved’ tissue of unhealthy cells. Healing and restoration are made possible effectively and naturally through the far infrared rays(FIR) and the negative ions found in the Vken products.

Vken Energy Socks are made of energy stones using Japan & German nano technologies which produce good Far Infrared Ray and Negative ions that improve blood circulation by 50% in 10 minutes.

Vken product range has won Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart Bronze Award 2005 & 2010.

If you like to buy a pair, please visit Vken Ultimate Energy Products. Or you can call or send message via Whatsapp: Mysara – 0168449792.

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  1. dudukah atas sofa, letak bantal kat belakang/bawah bon*** … cari meja kecik yang sama aras dengan mata, tak pun cari kerusi meja makan.. letak laptop… sambil2 menaip, boleh tengok tv.. 😀

  2. syuq, saya dah belikan untuk isteri pertama… sekarang nak bagi dekat isteri kedua.. 😀 … Kak Em dah offer, saya rebutlah peluang ni… mesti isteri saya gembira.. 😀

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