George Town, Penang in watercolor

I am so lazy to write. Well, actually I am all out of words. I wrote a 4-page diary on this for Gaya Travel magazine and wouldn’t want to repeat the same thing here. But I will share the watercolor paintings I did for the upcoming article.

shophouses2Row of houses at Noordin Street.
townhallPenang Town Hall.
cityhallPenang City Hall.
windowWindows ofย Syed Alatas Mansion.

The diary article that will be featured in gaya Travel magazine will be out in January 2014. I will make sure to give away 5 copies to those interested.



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  1. cantik….
    it must be easy for you to do the artworks… ๐Ÿ˜€
    and i can easily noticed these artworks are belong to you even without your signature..

  2. Penang.. my hometown.. the place where I was born..
    seeing all these paintings make me wish to be there right now..

  3. Wah,cantiknya. Saya suka tengok orang mewarna pakai watercolor. Saya ada try jugak pakai watercolor,tapi comot. Terus jadi tak suka guna. Saya prefer pencil color. Tapi,masih banyak lagi yang saya belum belajar. Teringin sangat nak mewarna pakai watercolor tapi leceh nak kena kemas. Lepas tu buat sakit hati je lukisan habis comot. Hahahaha.

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