People I met at ADIBF 2013

ADIDF 2013 and the experience I gained was totally priceless. And the people I met and have a chat with was truly inspiring in so many ways. I managed to capture photos with/of some of them while sketching some. I hope you can click the link on their names that I provided to learn more about them.

With Kenizé Mourad. She is not only a princess, a writer, a novelist, and a researcher but also a war journalist. She visited Malaysia back in the 70s.

With Miss Chatz. Local illustrator. She is very chatty and bubbly. I love her cartoons; very her.

With Liz Ramos Prado; a Peruvian illustrator living in Dubai. Her surreal illustrations are gorgeous.

With Nirouz El-Tanbouli; a childhood specialist. She’s an Egyptian living in Abu Dhabi.

This is David Macedo. He is also from Peru and now living in Dubai working as Graphic and Web Designer.


Miguel Gallardo (award-wining Illustrator, Barcelona), Guy Delisle (award-winning Cartoonist/Animator/Illustrator, France), Frida Bunzli (Cartoonist, Switzerland) and German Fernandez (Illustrator, Dubai).

With Jo Belle. Jo Belle, a Filipino, is living in Dubai with her family. She works with Cartoon Art Gallery.

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  1. …pengalaman sebegini tidak semua orang peroleh. perkongsian pengalaman sebegini kadang-kala memberi inspirasi kepada yang lain. terima kasih kerana berkongsi pengalaman ini…

    1. Hehe. You will meet intereting and inspiring people. When in Frankfurt, I want to go and meet Arnold Schwarzeneger but the crowd was crazy. I didn’t get the chance at all as I was blocked by the guards.

      1. Saya juga suka bercerita tentang K.Em bila berbual-bual dengan kawan-kawan dari negara lain. Ada rezki keluar negara nanti, pasti saya akan cari peluang cerita lagi 😀

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