SEA travel illustration done!

Finally got to finish the Southeast Asia travel illustration last night and submitted to the magazine team. Will publish the full version once I got the printed copy.

This one was very challenging as I had to get every details out. I think I did well on the Petronas Twin Towers and Karaweik Hall but it was hard getting Angkor Wat done. But nonetheless, other landmarks seem to cover its lack of details. Others were not so bad; the Komodo was fun to draw as well as the Lion Head of Singapore.  So yeah, after submitting it, the creative director likes it better that my vector version.

Basically I was given a text (editor’s note) to based on for the cover illustration. The editor wrote about tourism in Malaysia and Southeast Asia as well as Europe. As the magazine is a Malaysia-based magazine, I thought I draw landmarks and icons of Southeast Asia. The magazine’s main objective is to promote Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Mixed media (watercolor and colorpencil) on watercolor paper. This painting will be on sale soon.


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