Orang Ulu Girl

Visiting Sarawak has inspired me to draw this Orang Ulu Girl painting. Details are based from my own photos that I captured there.Β This painting will be on sale soon in a mini exhibition cum Christmas party at my friend’s place. Will let you know the details soon.

Pen & Watercolor on Watercolor Paper.

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    1. Kan?? I hope you can make it to the Xmas party. It is actually Linda’s Xmas party, she thought it will be great if I can have mini exhibition there for her friends to see but of course I can invite my friends too πŸ™‚

  1. This is really beautiful, Emila! *terpukau jap* πŸ™‚

    How big is this painting? Is it as big as the Poinsettia painting when framed? I want you to paint my old kampung house, I’d prefer it in water color style… nak kumpul $$ dulu.

    Your illustration is really clean, and neat. And you are very meticulous… can see all the teeny tiny lines. I can tell you put in a lot of effort in your work. The best part is if I were to see this painting for the very first time, I know who drew it. It’s so you!

  2. salam kak ems.I worked in miri sarawak two years ago..Honestly, ulu girl sangat cantik, flawless skin, putih kemerahan…memang cantik..ANd of course, your painting sangat cantik dan kemas..

  3. K.Em sorang je nampaknya bila melawat Sarawak, banyak betul dapat inspirasi hebat dan maklumat. Rasanya saya ni kalau 10 kali berulang ke Sarawak pun masih tak terfikir macam K.Em hehehehe

  4. Hi..can i use this for charity. Copyright design will be yours still.pls whatsapp me 0163221306 . I will explain further

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