Suria Cherating Beach Resort

What is the best way to enjoy Cherating beach? To me, it is certainly walking along the shore and combing the beach to see and photograph things that have been washed ashore with the tide, while letting the gentle breeze kiss the face.

And where is the best place to stay after the excursion along the beach? Certainly going back to my choice of resort—Suria Cherating Beach Resort (Suria Cherating); the perfect spot to kick up my feet and continue to feel the breeze. I love it here.

Suria Cherating  is renowned for its Bali-inspired accommodations that spell comfort in style. Its 114 cozy guest rooms are decorated with stylish teak furniture with a touch of Balinese art. The room during my stay here was a two-bedded Superior room with a garden view. Choice of accommodations at Suria Cherating ranges from a variety of rooms with garden or sea view and amenities include TV with selected satellite channels, coffee/tea-making facilities, refrigerator, IDD telephone, ironing board upon request, wireless Internet connectivity in the room, safety box and more. Room rates are ranging from RM175 to RM345 (excluding tax), depending on type of room and time of year (normal day, school holiday, national holiday).

I love the corridor area where I got to view beautiful canvas paintings painted by local artist. At the end of the corridor there is an elevator and a gift shop and further down the steps is the swimming pool area, which overlooked by the Bunga Padi Restaurant. Right before the beach, there are dedicated areas for team-building obstacle course, mini playground, beach telematch and beach volleyball.

Buffet breakfast at Bunga Padi Restaurant was okay. There’s cereal with milk, toasted bread with jams or butter, sausages, baked beans, scrambled eggs, rice porridge, fruits and heavier food like fried rice and fried kuew teow. Alternatively, there will be nasi lemak or fried vermicelli or mee. Drinks include coffee, tea and orange juice. Breakfast is free for 2 persons. The rate is RM20 for adult, Rm13 for a kid. A-la carte is available for lunch and dinner and room service starts from 11am to 10pm. On arrival, all guests will be given a welcoming drink.

Overall, my stay here was great. My son enjoyed playing at the beach, the swimming pool and the playground area. And as for me, I mostly enjoyed walking along the beach and sitting outside the restaurant watching kids playing while taking pictures. I wanted to draw but I left my pencil somewhere and was not much in the mood to draw.

Because I enjoyed the stay so much, I want one of my lucky readers to have the chance to stay here too. Suria Resorts & Hotels management has kindly agreed to sponsor a 2D and 1N stay in a Superior room!!

To stand a chance to win, you need to:

Easy 4 steps!  The lucky winner will be selected based on the most creative comment. Judging will be done by Suria Resorts management. Closing date is 11 September 2012, 11.59pm.


About Suria Resorts & Hotels:
Suria Resorts & Hotels is a Malaysian – based resort and hotel operator and management company founded in 2003. Suria Resorts & Hotels presently managing a chain of hotels in Merang, Terengganu; Cherating, Pahang; Johor Bahru, Johor; Janda Baik, Pahang and Cambridge, London.

For more information, please visit: or visit  Suria Resorts & Hotels on FB.

For inquiries, please contact 03-7806 4752 or e-mail:


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  1. I love Cherating Beach. Nice place to catch some sunrise photography (if weather permits). I have previously stayed at Swiss Garden and would love to try out Suria Resort the next time.

  2. waaaaaaa… best nyer hadiah dia.. tp dunno how to make creative comment la… serious stress… hehe.. nk kena cakap why i deserve to stay there….iskk… dah la umah kat kuantan dah ni..mcm tak deserve sgt la pulak…

  3. Since I’ve never been to Cherating, I think it’s a dream come true if I win this. I deserve to win this because I need a getaway from this noise and air polluted city of Kuala Lumpur. Ecev when everyone else was away to their kampung for raya, I was stuck here raya in KL because I have no kampung. *sad* Besides for my own leisure, it will also give me the opportunity to promote Cherating as well as Suria Resorts & Hotel in my travel blog –

    Sekian, terima kasih.

  4. Suria Cherating Beach Resort is the place to be,
    Rooms exuding comfort and style with a touch of Bali, Gastronomic delights of Satu Malaysia fill my tummy,
    While I bask in their excellent hospitality!

  5. Why i deserve to stay in Suria Resorts & Hotels is because i love hotel’s breakfast! So i’m more than willing to go all the way to Cherating, check in to Suria Resorts, enjoy the beach, swimming pool, the room and then indulge the big breakfast. Om nom nom nom!

  6. I should win this coz I always wanted to bring my 1 year old toddler to run around as and where she wants, and Suria Cherating looks like the perfect place! Now picturing myself walk her to the beach and my husband teaching her how to swim in the swimming pool.. Such an amazing weekend getaway for us!!

  7. Cherating?Can’t remember when is the last time I bring along my kids to cherating.Even though we live in Melaka,and beach is just 10 mints from our house,cherating will give us different thing for sure the beach here at Suria Cherating will facing South China Sea.More big waves,nice view compared to our view here in Melaka (Malacca Straits) . And I guess,I hope that I can win the contest coz we really need a break.Be a work at home mum,with 3 kids,never ending workloads at home ( and from your work )..once a while we really need to take time off.
    Whatever it is,good luck to all.Cherating and Suria Cherating looking forward to have u guys ( and us..hopefully . 🙂 )

  8. Khabarnya, Cherating sebuah tempat yang indah. Langitnya biru dan pantainya bersih. Udaranya segar dan anginnya bertiup lembut menyapa wajah.

    Khabarnya, Cherating sempurna untuk pelbagai aktiviti. Menyelusuri pantai dan beriadah bersama keluarga pasti menjadi kenangan manis.

    Khabarnya, di Cherating kita berpeluang menaiki bot menikmati pemandangan di sepanjang sungai dan harganya murah. Melihat bot-bot nelayan yang membawa pulang hasil tangkapan dari lautan yang terhampar luas.

    Khabarnya juga, di Cherating ketam-ketam dijual dengan harga yang sangat murah. Udang karangnya besar dan pasti berbaloi untuk membelinya. Ada yang berpesan, jangan lupa bawa bersama bekas polistrin dan sediakan ketulan-ketulan ais, supaya makanan laut yang dibeli kekal segar sepanjang perjalanan hingga sampai ke rumah.

    Semuanya khabar yang saya dengar mengenai Cherating. Saya sendiri belum pernah ke sana dan melihat sendiri. Tapi melihat gambar dalam blog K.Em, saya percaya Cherating lebih indah rupa dari khabarnya.

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