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I was invited on Saturday (28th July) to join a Tourism Pahang Blogger colloquium organised by Tourism Pahang, in Kuantan, Pahang. The event kicked-off at 3pm with a speech by Dato’ Shafik Fauzan bin Shariff, the Pahang State Minister for Tourism Malaysia. Pahang Tourism is handled by Fraser’s Hill Development Corporation (Perbadanan Kemajuan Bukit Fraser – PKBF).

Other blogger friends that were also invited include Yafielda, Jard, Rayyan and Lilyriani. All of them are also the Malaysian Travel Bloggers members.

Dato’ Shafik Fauzan

In his welcoming speech, Dato’ Shafik explains about Pahang’s plan to boost its tourism sector with the help of bloggers. He added that traditionally, the tourism body has mainstream media to spread tourism information and activities but however, as part of the efforts to boost tourism industry this year, they decided to invite the new social media — bloggers. Stating about the state’s ‘naivety’ about social media, Dato’ Shafik said that he is open to any suggestions by bloggers to help improve tourism in the state. He explains that bloggers are very powerful when it comes to dissemination of  information as they often come equipped with social sharing tools such as twitter, facebook, etc and that they exert strong influence, reaching millions of people.

During the colloquium (informal meeting), bloggers were presented with information about Tourism Pahang website by the CEO of Secretlab.Media, Mohd Khairul Azizi Mohd Razali. Azizi emphasised the importance of social media and he revealed the fact that previously, the global ranking for the Tourism Pahang is 13M. When his company was given the task to revamp the website, he integrated social media buttons such as twitter, facebook, foursquare, G+1 and many more for easy sharing. Now, Tourism Pahang website’s rank has improved to 3M and as such, it is hoped that it will improve when bloggers shared their articles on the website. This feature is still under testing and will be released soon.

There were also talks about blogging basics by two Pahang-based bloggers, Azwan and Fatin Suhana.

Tourism Pahang is considering to organise many interesting activities (as per suggestion by bloggers during the meeting) including familiarisation tour for bloggers, contests, blogger’s award and many more. Apart from that, Tourism Pahang which has yet to launch its newly revamped website, is very much excited to invite bloggers to join the launch soon.

Pahang, situated on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, is blessed with a variety of natural and cultural attractions. It is a home to Malaysia’s national Park as well as three major highlands, namely Genting Highland, Cameron Highland and Fraser’s Hill. Apart from the highlands, Pahang boasts some 210 kilometers of shoreline that includes the famous Cherating beach. For marine life fans, there is Tioman. The island park is teeming with an assortment of exotic marine life that turn the colorful coral reefs as their homes.

I am planning to explore more of Pahang soon. Being a Pahang-born blogger, I feel that I need to explore my birth state. My recent trips to Fraser’s Hill and Deerland Park (Gandah Elephant post still in draft) were some of the starters.



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    1. Akak pernah camping kat Lumut, sorang2! Masa tu join Outward Bound School. Panjat gunung juga tapi rasa nak pengsan @_@ banyak kali stop sebab mengah.

      1. Masa muda-muda pun saya dah rasa gunung Tahan tersangat susah nak panjat (serik). Kalau sekarang, memang saya pengsan juga kot.. 😀

        “Akak pernah camping kat Lumut, sorang2”.. uish… terer tu sorang-sorang 🙂

        1. Sebenarnya dalam hutan tu ramai yang berkhemah tapi khemah kami jauh-jauh…sayup pandangan pun tak nampak. Tapi ada wisel boleh ditiup di kala kecemasan. Instructor ada berkhemah juga disitu in case ada apa2 berlaku.

  1. this is interesting, i would love to be part of this.. is it open to all bloggers ke camner? i’m staying in kuantan n lots of my entries were about pahang..

      1. looks like I need to dig up my old pics when I’m in Kuantan and Taman Negara. Have you tried the firefly river cruise?

  2. Great post Emila! Hope u get to explore Pahang soon. Me too lama dah tak balik Pahang to my Dad’s kampung.. they all moved to Kuantan edi so no more kampung it seems!

  3. K.Em tau tak di Pahang, kawasan Kuala Lipis ke agaknya, ada tanda jalan “Batu 0” ? Dulu, berebut kitorang nak bergambar kat situ hehe

  4. Secret lab already email me earlier asking permission to put 2 of my entries in the website and its already on. Unfortunately, was not invited for the colloqium. Lucky you. Being a Pahang born blogger (same as you!) i’m very much happy to contribute to the Pahang Tourism Board.

    1. Ahh, Zara.
      I contacted you for the website because we were in charge of that.
      Whereas, the event’s blogger list was from Tourism Pahang. Maybe that’s why they didn’t have your weblink at that time.
      Sorry for not informing, I didn’t get to see the list until the event day.
      I’ll make sure you are listed after this, okay?


      Sorry again.

      1. Oh you were there, Azreen! I went to your blog and saw my pic at the table. You yang ambil gambar tu. Kenapa tak kenalkan diri? I did not know how you look like until I saw your pic kat your blog. Your avatar is too small to compare hehe. Lama dah tak singgah your blog. Thanks for co-organising. Itulah, bila event macam ni mesti ada yang termiss-out. Tak apa, next time don’t forget to invite ZaraA.:)

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