Where did the Curious Cat come from?

Curious Cat is really entertaining. His blog is now on my blog roll and he even has special spot on my sidebar. Have you looked at his latest vlog? He has a new friend, Goldie. Goldie somehow reminds me of Goldie Hawn. I love anything Goldie.

Click on snapshots to play the video on Curious’ blog.

Looking at Curious blog and how it is well crafted, I wonder who the author behind the blog is. Now let me put my Sherlock Holmes detective cap (I am beginning to sound more like Curious.)

From the blog, I gather this much:

  1. The person loves cat.
  2. The person is someone who has high taste in home décor.
  3. The person hates uneven tiles.
  4. The person likes good quality tiles.

Although the author won’t come out of the shell just yet, I still love his/her idea for creating Curious Cat blog. I love it how Curious likes a good home with good furniture and good floors. I observed my kittens; they and Curious actually have a lot in common. My kittens do not like to roll on the cement, they roll on the tiles. They like to sleep on my fluffy sofa rather than their own little sleeping basket. Cats actually have great sense of taste when it comes to furniture and floors.

Here’s a question: If you write anonymously for a cat blog, do you write it in the voice of the cat or write in your own voice narrating what the cat does? I kind of like the first idea, the idea that Curious’ owner has in mind. It’ll be fun to let the ‘cat’ do all the talking and still look cute.

Anyway, being a blogger since 2006, this much I can tell: write honestly about subjects you are passionate about, your blog posts need to be dynamic, interesting and enjoyable. The more you promote your blog, the more people will find it and the greater likelihood that some of those people will read what you have to say, like it, and return. Curious cat in one example. Go visit Curious and his friends Goldie, Smiley and El Cracko.

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Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

After taking Yassin and his cousin to KL Children’s Library, we visited Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. It is a great learning experience for them and for me as well. We learned some great history; what influenced the architecture, why some roads are higher than the shophouses, old road names and many more. Did you know that Jalan Sultan Ismail was previously known as Treacher Road? And did you know Jalan Masjid India was formerly known as Dickson Street? I bet you didn’t! A reason for you to visit the gallery as well.

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is located in a 114 years old building formerly known as The Government Printing Office. The admission is free. Upon entering, there is a big map of Kuala Lumpur and illustrations of buildings as well as information about the type of buildings.

When we entered the Memories of Kuala Lumpur exhibit area, we were blown away by the miniature replica models. My son, Yassin, loves to look at building models since he was little and I just let him enjoy the models.

Other than models, there are exhibits of old photographs, maps and newspaper spread of Straits Times (published in 1971).

There are also timeline panels of historical events that took place in KL as well as notable historical buildings around KL. I think I will cover these buildings individually on my next posts. After reading and admiring the exhibits, we went into a dark room of diorama models of Merdeka Square and Chinatown.

And later, on the way out we passed by a room full of handmade crafts capturing the heritage, arts and culture of KL as well as the country. These gifts were made by ARCH – the official souvenir of Kuala Lumpur, endorsed by City Hall.

We bought some small gifts as well as postcards. And last but not least, we took pictures at the  I-LOVE-KL structure as well as big die-cut print illustration of KL buildings.

We love the learning experience and all the handmade building models made by ARCH. Do visit the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery and learn about the history of Kuala Lumpur.

Here’s some information about the gallery:
– Website: klcitygallery.com
– Address:  No. 27, Jalan Raja, Dataran Merdeka, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
– Telephone:  +6 03 2698 3333
– Operating time: 8am – 6pm daily

How to get there:
– Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is accessible by bus, taxi or LRT.
– A seven-minute walk to Kuala Lumpur City Gallery from the Masjid Jamek Station (LRT).
– A five-minute walk from Central Market.
– It is also within the route of the KL Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour.

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