Gua Tempurung, Perak

During our road trip to Kedah early this year, my husband decided to take the exit at Tanjung Malim (Exit 121) and drive along the trunk road (Federal Route 1) as the expressway was quite jammish. We don’t mind the long and winding road as the sight is better than the expressway. There’s actually a lot to see. And so, when we saw signages and directions to Gua Tempurung, a well-known limestone cave in Gopeng, we decided to just drop by and visit the cave.

Part of Gua Tempurung has been developed as a show cave with electric lighting and walkways and there are a range of tours of different lengths and difficulty. Knowing that I am not that fit, my husband bought tickets for the shortest tour. Tickets are very cheap; RM6 for an adult and RM2.50 for children. The tour we took was Tour 1: Golden Flowstone. Tour is about 40 minutes and starts every half an hour from 9am to 4pm.

Yassin and his dad admiring the cave.

I was pretty impressive with a speleotherm that looks like ‘Monalisa’ .

Gua Tempurung (Tempurung Cave) existed since early 8000 B.C. The cave measures 1.9 km in length and 120 metres in height and situated inside Gunung Tempurung that stands 497 meters high. The mountain is an erosional remnant near an ancient coastline. Years of mineralisation of the limestone rocks yielded deposits of tin, with some tungsten minerals and other minor ores.

Gua Tempurung is made up of five huge domes, each of them has different formations of stalagmites and stalactites as well as different temperatures, water level, content of limestone and marble. Concealed within this limestone massif is an intricate system of caves honeycombed inside the limestone hills. These caves are actually a breathtaking gallery of super geological wonders that can only be found in this part of the world.

For more information about the cave and tour, visit Gua Tempurung website.

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  1. Tahun 2009 saya pergi under program kolej. saya jadi photographer masa tu, memang cantik dalam gua tu. banyak gambar dapat ambil, tapi sayang banyak dah hilang lepas laptop lama mati.. huhu.

      1. Memang best. Gua tercantik saya pernah lawat setakat ni 🙂
        tula.. Insyallah, 1 hari nanti melawat lagi hehe 😀

              1. cuti ni ke? alamak kak, tak boleh la. sebab saya baru nak masuk ngajar kat sekolah baru.. lot of preparation.. 🙁

      1. Suami saya orang Tapah…memang selalu ikut jalan situ kalau ke mana-mana.. tapi tak singgah-singgah. Kena buat macam k.Em ni..nampak je terus singgah 🙂

        1. Betul tu. Kebanyakan percutian Kak Emi memang tak plan. nampak je terus pergi. Husband Kak Emi memang tak reti nak plan. Kalau dia rasa nak pergi, malam ni dia suarakan dan esok kami terus packing dan naik kereta. Tempat tidur tak kisah sangat, janji ada bilik kecil pun dah cukup untuk kami bertiga.

  2. hmm hh dua kali pergi ke sini, mula2 datang tak dapat masuk sbb dah petang, kali kedua datang masuk jenjalan sampai tingkat pertama je, tak larat … hahaha… tapi utk org muda …tempat ni memang best utk cabar kebolehan diri.

    teman orang Perak, baru 2 kali je datang. huhuhuu….

    1. Ya betul tu Encik Hasrul. kita yang tua ni memang tak larat panjat sampai atas. Ada tour yang sampai puncak gua tu tapi tak larat hehe.

  3. the amazement in your family’s faces is so remarkable!
    i haven’t brought my family yet to some cave exploration.
    malaysia, indeed has more than meets the eye. 🙂

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