Happy Earth Day!

Here’s wishing everybody Happy Earth Day.

Earth Day is a day to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment and is celebrated in more than 175 countries and most widely celebrated international environmental event. Earth Day is about learning how to protect biodiversity. Most countries celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd each year. Some extended it for a week and make it Earth Week.

So what have you done to preserve mother nature? You can reuse, reduce and recyle for a start. Stop using plastic bag, use a recycle bag. Do this not only on Saturday but everyday. And this is not the only thing we can do. We can also keep our country clean, do not litter, do not throw away your litter from your car, dispose your litter at the disposal bin. Preserve habitat, keep the development out of the forest reserve. Our animals need a place to stay!

These are just some of it, I am sure you can think of many. Please help me list down some more. Leave your thoughts below in the comment box.



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  1. Happy Earth Day Emila!!!!
    I try to recycle but sometimes it’s hard to be disciplined kan?

    happy Monday.. belum tidor and still got 5 more post to do..

  2. Salam,

    Tapi kan kadang2 terlepas pandang juga bab2 gini heeeee, nak disipline tu susah sangat, alahaiiii

    kak lukisan tu comel, kelakar hahhahahaa 😀

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