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“How about we go to Pulau Kapas?” my husband broke the silence while driving along the East-West Highway last Saturday after attending a wedding in Perlis. Initially, we wanted to go for a wedding in Jerantut after that but lucky I checked the invitation again and the wedding won’t be happening until the next Sunday.

“Uh, OK,” I replied. Se we went driving along the coastal road.

“How about we go to Pulau Redang?” My husband suddenly had a change of mind. “Uh, oh…that will be a great idea too,” I replied. Yassin was listening very carefully from the back seat. He was yaying quietly. I was yaying quietly too.

And so we followed the signboard to where Merang Jetty is. It was around 5pm and we were told that the last boat to Redang was at 12pm. The earliest was at 9am. After talking to a man at the information shack, we took a package of 2D 1N stay at Redang Lagoon for RM500. RM200 for adult and RM100 for children. Here 2D 1N includes the day we check out. The package includes everything; boat transfers (to and fro), room, meal and snorkelling activity. We rented a chalet nearby to put up the night and took Yassin for a dip in the salt water.

Happy to play with water.

We waited by the jetty at 9am the next morning after having our breakfast. A speedboat was assigned to us and few others who also took the same package.

The information shack.

Taking the speedboat was very scary; the most scariest experience I ever had taking a boat. The weather was not good and big waves were slowing down our ride. Yassin was scared too and held me tightly. I could see that crinkle on my husband face but that was probably because he was having a motion sickness. I felt like it was a mistake taking the speedboat. There must be a ferry somewhere (find out later from a family who stayed at the same chalet that there’s a ferry at Kuala Terengganu). Anyway, the gruesome experience ended when we reached Redang Jetty some one and a half hour later.


 There was a tractor with carriage waiting by the jetty but as they had to wait for others to board off (ferry and boats from KT), we decided to take that 640m walk.

Our room was quite spacious; a two-storey chalet equipped with one bathroom, air-condition and a fan. However, there was no cupboard to hang our clothes.


First activity we did was having our lunch. Haha, very important to fill in the stomach first. Meal includes breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.


After that we just went and enjoy the clear sea water of Redang Island. Weeeeeeeeeeee!

Snorkelling at the Marine Park is at 9.30am and 2.30pm every day. We missed it as we we were enjoying the clear water in front of Redang Lagoon very much. We however rented snorkelling equipment (RM10 for snorkelling gear and another RM10 for life jacket) and went snorkel at the lagoon. We saw some stripey fish,  orange dotted fish and some little fish. I am not sure of the species but these are typical fish you will see when you snorkel. Another group who went snorkelling there gave us some bread to feed the fish. “Take this bread and you’ll see a lot of them,” the uncle told us. It’s true, we got to see many fish!!


We extended our stay for one more day and decided to go to the Redang Marine Park. And it was my first experience going to a marine park. There were about 40 of us from Redang Lagoon and it took two boats to transport us from the jetty to the marine park. The ride was about 20 minutes. It was beautiful down there.  I’ll draw one if I have the time. We saw many types of coral and fish, sea cucumber, sea urchin, big oyster shell and many more.

We were very happy that we decided to stay for one more day. On the last day we went to buy a t-shirt for Yassin and a fridge magnet for me. The ride on the speedboat on the way back to Merang Jetty took only 45 minutes as the weather was good.

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    1. Ask Boy to take a leave and go to Redang. You can take a flight from Kl or drive to KT and take the ferry. If you wanna try the speedbaot also can, take one at Merang Jetty.

      We had great fun!

    1. Tak pandai berenang pun boleh try snorkelling. The life jacket made you float. Kak Emi pun tak pandai berenang sebenarnya. Setakat float tu bolehlah.

  1. Assalammualaikum Kak Emila,

    Aduh!! baca entri ni, rasa macam Rizal nak bangun dan terus balik sekarang bervakasi.

    Seronok tu tengok Kak Emila sekeluarga bergumbira di sana. Rancang perjalanan secara spontan pulak tu.

    Tahun 2012, nampak gaya Rizal kena belajar bergumbira secara spontan (tak boleh lagi gembira spontan dengan membeli-belah. Hahaha)

    Selamat Hari Minggu : )

  2. Alamak, Redang! I love Redang. Its the first place in Malaysia I saw that looks even more beautiful than the brochures. But yeah, on the 2nd time (honeymoon) to Redang, the sea was crazy, on the ferry. First time in my life, I experienced motion sickness. Moral of the story, kene pegi masa weather ok.

  3. Wah.. seronok tu emi.. Yassin pun nampak gembira sungguh.. Dua hari lepas, I was in Raub.. jalan-jalan.. an idea, why don’t you sketch Raub and highlight the heritage walk.. it’s a nice little town.. 🙂

    Will be back there to conduct some trainings..

    nb: missed maman lemak mak emi!! aduh!!


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