Road Trip – Day 3

Sadly, my husband and I have to cut short our road trip as he has a very important work to attend to. Work is priority. We will resume the trip next month, continuing from where we left off.

So, at the end of Day 2, we put up a night at T’ Lodge, a newly opened lodge. It has operated for just 5 days. Promotional rates for Standard room is RM80 (normal rate is RM100) and Deluxe RM100 (normal is RM120). We took the latter. The room is quite spacious. Sorry no photo because I only thought about it the next day, when the room was in mess! But funny thing is, I did not forget to capture the scene from the balcony.

T’Lodge is situated near the bus station in the heart of Kuala Besut. A walking distance to the Jeti to Pulau Perhentian. I slept around 4am to edit my Day 1 entry. Woke up around 9am and my son has already been pestering about getting a fishing rod. He developed this new hobby from his uncle.

A happy boy with his very own fishing rod.

We had a good breakfast at C Putera Café, situated just beside the lodge. Food was great but the service was too slow. I had hard time making the waitress understand, in pure Bahasa Melayu, what I want. One must speak fluent bahasa ‘Ganu’ it seems. After talking like a teacher to a kindergarten student, she finally understands. Hah. We got our breakfast after waiting for about 45 minutes although we were the first one to order! Lucky, the food was great. I hope they will improve over time.

After breakfast, we headed to Pantai Bukit Keluang to let Yassin tests his fishing rod.

While letting son and dad, doing their own thing, I observed rocks formation along the left side of the beach. It has few caves opening.


Click to see larger photos

The rocks consist of small rounded stones held together by clay and sand. I dig some information on the Internet and found that these rocks are cretaceous sediments, in other word, Jurassic. It is dated back some 200 years ago! According to an article by the Department of Geology UKM, the rock units consist mainly of conglomerate at their base, gradually fining and thinning upwards into sandstone and shale.

While Pantai Bukit Kluang is ONE good tourism attraction, there are things that should be taken into consideration; from local authority right down to the public.

One, the walkway should be restored. Unless the local authority wants it  to be part of the cretaceous sediment some 200 years in future, then it’s fine.


Two, keep such eye-sore views like these (see below photos) away! Oh please! I saw litter bins all over the beach but how come some people were just plain ignorant, they did not want to walk to the bins.

Being a mother is not a an excuse to leave diaper everywhere you like.

One can walk to the stall and buy a drink but cannot walk to find a litter bin.

My heart is in pain. This is not what I want to see along this road trip. I talked about it with my husband and we both agree that an all-time HUGE nationwide campaign should be set-up to curb this problem or habit or norm to some people. Educating the public should be first on the list.

After few hours spent here, we drove along the coastal of Terengganu. We made stops at Setiu, Merang and Marang before making that long journey back to KL. Total mileage we made from KL Day 1 back to KL Day 3 is 1445km. From Kuala Besut we travelled on Route T3, T1, 3685, T100, 3, T119, 3, T6, T131, back to 3 and finally E8.

Sea eagle.

Rapunzel cloud! Look at the long ‘hair’!

Somewhere in Setiu.

Somewhere in Merang. Credit to my husband for taking this photo. That was me and my son sleeping under the shade haha.




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    1. Sam, dekat Taman Awam Marang. Kalau you pergi situ, you cari titi batu, actually untuk motosikal tetapi kami tengok banyak kereta lalu, so kami pun ikut lalu ;P Dekat situ best, ramai orang memancing. Kambing pun banyak.

      1. ic.. dah tengok dalam google maps, nampak jelas. Memang kat kawasan muara sungai Marang. Patutlah saya tak pernah sampai. Biasanya naik kereta je pergi ke kawasan tu. …dan tak tahu pon ada ‘port’ cantik. Lain kali saya kena pergi ni!

  1. Saya zaman bujang je suka ‘memancing’… hehehe..
    takdelah, sebenarnya saya suka memancing udang.

    Memancing ikan memang bukan bidang saya. kalau 10 kali kawan2 saya angkat joran (dapat ikan), saya sekali pun belum tentu sangkut. Tu yang tak minat memancing.

    Walaupun tak suka memancing, tapi saya suka ‘lepak’ kat tepi pantai, sungai, tasik.. syok!

  2. i am so sorry for your late b’fast.i am the cook but not the chef.put all blame on me caused too careful to make it delicious.and it takes time.sorry again.
    i’m glad you love it.thank you so much.

    1. Dear Encik Jusoh, thank you for dropping by and leaving your comment. Hehe you are too conscious. Don’t be, do it like Jamie Oliver, zapzrupzrap dah siap. I love the food, very delicious. Has the potential to go far. You only need to improve on the timing.

      Were you the one yang duduk dekat pakcik jual pancing tu?

  3. i was 100% born and raised in terengganu but spent all my student life outside t’ganu…
    speaking about all those sampah2… n vandalism
    i think the problem is the people…accurately the local….
    if u go to beaches in terengganu, u can clearly see the problems..
    dunno how to fix it..

    the local authority basically hired workers to clean the areas in the morning but.. people come and go every little moment and at the same time leaving all their sampah there….

    1. yela.. this ‘buang sampah merata-rata’ attitude is all over Malaysia! sadly, people really lack common sense and responsibility on this matter 🙁 mmg rasa nak marah bila tgk org buang sampah depan kita. boleh pulak bagi alasan: ‘ala, itukan kerja cleaner. nanti kalau takde sampah, diorg pun takde keje’.. like seriously?! kena ada special education since childhood kot utk mendidik org Malaysia jadi pembersih.. otherwise, this issue will keep haunting us forever..

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