Clear your own table

Whenever I go to IKEA, it is a must to have something to eat at the food court. And when I eat, I will ALWAYS clear my table.


Because I read the sign and respond to it.

And it is also because I want other people who are waiting to sit, can sit right away. I hate to see people waiting. I am also hoping that one day I will get a clear table and sit right away. But so far, my hope is just a hope. I know there are employees to clear tables but what is written on the signboard is very clear. They can keep the price low when less staff are needed to take care of the place.

I salute the effort done by schools to teach children how to clear their table after eating. Both schools that my son goes to, have this system. After eating, they will right away put their garbage in a proper place.

I hope parents can learn from children, I know I do.

But I only do this where appropriate. Not all food courts or restaurants have this system because the bill includes service charge.

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  1. In western countries, they customer clear off their table after finish their meals. That shall depict their mindset to outside world

  2. Not only IKEA, also at McD, KFC, and other fast food (except pizza 😉
    just help them by throw/ put it on the chocolate dustbin near to you.
    p/s: One from my old friend who taught me these 2 years ago, did apply it and the result? You’ll be satisfied for being a good people.

  3. “the reason why you pay less at the start”

    i always go to ikea for the food, not for shopping.hihi
    good effort..kat warung-warung pon boleh practice nih 🙂

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