An afternoon on top of Gunung Jerai

“How about we drive up to Gunung Jerai?” my husband said on the way back to Kuala Lumpur from Kedah. My only response, “Yay!” I had never been to Gunung Jerai and agreed with the idea instantly. Yassin was jumping at the back seat. We stopped by Gurun R&R and got ourselves online to check the route to Gunung Jerai. We were not far as we only need to get to the next exit to Gurun (K10) from the North-South Highway (E1) which is about 10 minutes from the R&R.The trunk road is currently under construction and we use the diverted road and crossed a railroad to get to Route 1 (I am not sure of the name of the road, the map referred it as Route 1).  From Route 1, we took Route K159 which leads to Gunung Jerai. Prominent landmark includes KTM Train Station and Gurun Mosque.

Here are some pictures while driving to the top:

We reached the top in about half an hours. It was only a 12km drive. If you are a traveler, taking the bus or train from Kuala Lumpur to Gurun and to the foothill of the mountain, worry not as you will be approached by a tour guide offering a ride up and down for RM60 for two person. We were offered a ride but as we have our own car, we saved RM60. Furthermore, driving up is totally free. The road is quite narrow at certain corners and there are safety mirrors and honking signboard to guide us safely up.

On the way up, there’s a Forestry Museum (Muzium Perhutanan). We did not drop by as we were very eager to reach the top.

When we reached the top, we were not sure where to go. We wanted to go inside the guarded area but we were not allowed in. We learned later, that the area is occupied by The Regency Resort. The resort signboard were too small to notice. Only when we walked in, we could see a bigger sign on the rock.

Yay! We’ve made it to 1200m above sea level! By car! Hehe. The view was indeed great. We could see beautiful panoramic view of paddy fields, two islands (Pulau Bidan and Pulau Telor) and the blue sky.

We had our lunch at The Regency’s cafe while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful view.


If you plan to go for a holiday, this will be a great place. The resort offers activities including jungle trekking. There is also a camping sites just few minutes walk outside the resort. There’s another camping site near the Forestry Museum.

Here are some information about how to get to Gunung Jerai:

Location :
In the district of Yan and Kuala Muda, Kedah.
Coordinates: N 05.79662°  E100.43545

How to Get There:
On the North South highway (E1), exit at Gurun Exit  (K10). After the toll, turn left and go straight. You’ll see a road diversion as the main road that leads to Route 1 is under construction. You’ll cross a railroad and right after that the road will lead you to a T-junction. This is where you meet Route 1. Take right and go straight. Keep left and look for a Gunung Jerai signboard in about 15 minutes drive.

Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Kedah
Tel : 04-7333844

The Regency, Jerai Hill Resort
Tel: 04-4667777


View Gunung Jerai in a larger map

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  1. Dah lama tak tengok gambar Yassin. Couldnt recognize him anymore!

    Anyways, been there! By hiking! And pergi sana tak tau apa-apa pun tau, bila dah sampai puncak (not really puncak), tiba2 tembus dekat jalan raya, rasa terkejut sangat-sangat sebab tak tau pun. =.=”

    But the best thing is, we went to the 2nd highest puncak, masuk dalam hutan balik, and the view is magnificient! (:

    1. Saffa, Yassin dah besar.

      Tak apa, anggap itu sebagai cabaran. Seronok juga panjat gunung. Kak Emila pernah panjat gunung di Telok Batik. Samapi nak pengsan panjat sebab tak ada stamina. Ini masa kak Emila join Outward Bound course masa umur 23 tahun.

      1. Okay. Baru perasan ada option notify followup comments. :/

        Pernah pergi Ampang Lookout Point? A great place for sight seeing jugak. Pergi waktu malam! Yassin mesti suka. Seeing the whole KL at night with lights, sangat awesome!

  2. dah pernah sampai Gunung Jerai tapi masa zaman kanak-kanak lagi. tak ingat dah macam mana tempatnya.. nasib baik la masih ada gambar sebagai kenangan 🙂

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