I want to visit Australia but I need Australian friends to vote for me

I entered myself in a contest where I choose to visit Australia. But in order to win, I need votes (in the form of facebook LIKE) from Australian friends. I know I have quite a number of blogging friends in Australia and I am hoping that they can vote for me.

To all Australian friends, please help me realise my dream to visit Australia. All you have to do is:

1. Like Malaysia Airline page
2. Click like on my link here: http://apps.facebook.com/masflymethere?id=c4h41jdjbu and click Like.

As you can see, my rank is at 145 and I have 0 votes so far. I really appreciate it if your friends in Australia could also vote for me. Thank you so much!

As a token, one lucky voter will get my 2012 Calendar and My Mother’s Garden picture book. Just leave your name and e-mail below in my comment box after you have voted for me and you’ll be in the running to win these two.

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