Thought I Died and Gone to Heaven

The cool breeze of the bay seemed to welcome us but the wind-blown sands from the gust of wind seemed to test our ability to stand the ground. We hold on to each other and try not to surrender and let it win. But you know gust, it comes and goes as the please and as the gust slowed down for awhile, there we were, a couple in our forties, walking hand in hand to enjoy the beauty of the white-sanded beach called Camps Bay.

I soon found myself clicking the shutter of my camera. There, right where the sea meets the sand, was a family strolling happily enjoying the fresh wind.

There, on the rock, were two boys trying to freeze the waves with their camera.


There, right in front of me, was my significant other standing on the rock amidst the magnificence of the bluest of the sky, posing one for the album. I quickly captured the moment and thought, “wow, is this heaven?”

I sat to enjoy the scenery – the 23mph wind blew constantly, gaining momentum as it skipped across the waves, disregarding obstacles in its pathway. The sudden gust, probably at 27mph, blew the sands directly to my face that I had to bow to let it pass respectfully.

Flock of seagulls seemed to know how to handle the situation. They took cover behind the rocks which acted as a barrier to the wind.

I walked to the big rocks to get the a clear picture of them. At the same time, the wind blew invigorating salty air that I suppose was derived by seaweed, phytoplankton, marsh plants and even some bacterias. The smell triggered my appetite and I took out the egg sandwiches purchased from  Pick N Pay at the beachfront across the main road and shared it with my husband.

Soon, a gang of seagulls loitered on the rocks near where we sat and made that loud squawking noise s if they were saying “give us some, give us some.”

My husband fed them. They were insatiable…

…wanting more… even when I took out my peach yogurt.

They were oh so adorable!

That was amongst the wonders of the day. The frustration earlier from not getting on top of the Table Mountain was quickly forgotten.

Camps Bay is an affluent suburb, 7 minutes away from the Central Business District of Cape Town. Lined with palm trees on the beachfront, with white sandy beaches, brilliant blue sea and majestic mountains in the background, Camps Bay beach is one of Cape Town’s largest and one of the most beautiful beaches.

The cosmopolitan beachfront is vibrant throughout the year and people throng the pavement cafes and restaurants enjoying the ambiance.If one needs a meal with a view, Camps Bay’s beachfront is well appointed with many restaurants, cafes and bars. From casual light meals to five star internationally acclaimed cuisine, the restaurants in Camps Bay cater to every taste and budget.


My drawings on Camps Bay? You must be kidding, on a place like this, who needs to draw!

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  1. Chop! LOL!

    Beautifully written… enjoyed your writing, Emila. Somehow those birds reminded me of those pesky birds from the movie ‘Finding Nemo’… different species of birds yg cakap ‘mine, mine, mine, mine’!

    Great photos… dis place is truly fantastic!

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