Dental Extraction

I had my upper right third molar extracted yesterday. It was horrific. But believe me, the fault was all on me, I did not take good care of tooth. The female Dentist was very friendly and very professional and that goes to all the staff as well.

It was horrific because the root of my third molar was very strong despite the decaying outer part. After using 5 types of forceps, it was off for good. The dentist showed the extracted third molar, the root was quite crooked at the very end hence the strong grip to my gingiva.

I had a good deal of life, saved RM248! For third molar extraction at private clinic, the price is around RM250. But at government clinic, it is only RM2! I am really lucky to be a Malaysian! The subsidized dental care by the government helped me save a lot.

For your information, I went to Klinik Pergigian Cahaya Suria, KL. The registration took about 10 minutes before they call you and give you your turn number. Waiting for your turn also is not long, about 20 minutes but that depends on the case that dentists are having at that time. In my problematic third molar, the dentist took about half an hour.

Please do not under-estimate the subsidized services offered by government. They have improved a lot over times and I suggest you try and go to government clinic for free treatments. You will save a lot. The pain? Whether it’s private or government clinics, the pain will be the same.

And before you leave, don’t forget to say thank you to the dentist and staff. I did, and they sure were happy when I did that. I think it has made their day.

Here are more information about the clinic:

General Treatment Clinic
Tingkat 2, Bangunan Cahaya Suria,
Jln Tun Perak,
50050 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +6(03)2072 9243

General Treatment Clinic Schedule

8.00am-12.30pm : Outpatient Adult & Children
2.00pm-4.00pm : Appointment & Outpatient Children

8.00am-11.45am : Outpatient Adult & Children
2.45pm-4.00pm : Appointment & Outpatient Children

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