Italy: Day 8, Bologna’s Children Book Fair

Some pictures from Bologna’s Book Fair:

Slovenia’s booth, love the cute birds hanging in front of their booth

The logo says it all – Penguin’s

Eric Carle Agency’s booth

Mo’s Nose’s booth

illustrators wall where illustrators can leave/stick prints

Some of the BolognaRagazzi’s illustrations


SCBWI’s booth, Linda Tan in kebaya

BolognaRagazzi Award: Winners of Fiction and New Horizon

Fiction Winner
etching by Ronald Tolman, illustrations by Marije Tolman
LEMNISCAAT – Rotterdam, Netherlands

New Horizon Winner
text by Gita Wolf, illustrations by Ramesh Hengadi & Shantaram Dhadpe
TARA BOOKS – Besant Nagar, Chennai, India

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  1. I wish i was there too… so many beautiful books to see.. the colors are so inspiring 😀 glad u really made it there this time Emi 🙂 ur a fine example for follow and dreams really do come true if you work hard.

    1. anny, i wish you were there! sipping coffees while exploring books from booth to booth! wanna go next year? i am saving money to go next year, not as exhibitor but as visitor. Accommodation can be arranged with our local who stayed there; only about 50 euro. Let me know if you are interested. But we go 2 or 3 days only la; one day for the fair, two more days to venice or firenze!

      I so wanted to stick my stuff on the wall and go from booth to booth showing my portfolio!!!!

      1. i want i want i want… i’ll work very hard this year.. and hopefully i’ll go with you next year.
        The only books i really love to see in bookstores.. are children’s books. You’ll usually find me there in Borders :p

        1. anny that is great! ok, i’ll work hard this year also!!! how fun to go with you!!

          me too anny, you can find me either in the borders of kinokuniya, children’s section!!!

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