Peugeot 308 VTi!!!

Alhamdulillah!!!!! I won the Grand Prize for BLOG4FT contest!! Really, I did not expect to win as the competitors are all very strong! When I arrived at KLIA this morning and switched on my mobile phone, I saw two messages; one from my husband and one from Bain. As I read them, I was jumping to joy and Linda Tan who was walking with me curiously asked why I was jumping. I told her the good news and she jumped along!

Congrats to all winners!


Peugeot 308 VTi
Nor Emila Mohd Yusof
Entry: KL: A to Z Fun Things To Do & Places To Visit With Kids

Naza Prisma + 1 Dell Studio Hybrid + 1 MacBook
Nigel Sia Ling Wei
Entry: Thankful

1 Dell Studio Hybrid + 1 BlackBerry Bold + RM500 Bubba Gump voucher
Loke Seng Hon
Entry: History, Heritage & Architecture – All in KL & Putrajaya

Tan Keat Eng
Entry: Spread Your Wings – reaching out – KL Bird Park

Khairunisa bt Abdullah
Entry: Aku dan P. Ramlee


Kia Optima Novus

Cheong Peck Beng
Entry: My Bangsar

Naza Prisma + 1 Dell Studio Hybrid + 1 MacBook + Piala
Sonny Ikmal Bin Ahmad Kamil
Entry: Pasar Chow Kit, Pasar Satu Malaysia

Dell Studio Hybrid + 1 BlackBerry Bold + RM500 Bubba Gump voucher
Azizul Fahmi Ahmad Zabidi
Entry: Cerita kemasyhuran Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad


Flight tickets for 2 to Kuala Lumpur  + Hotel Stay (5 stars) for 3 nights + Air Asia flight ticket to Penang + Hotel Stay at Naza Hotel in Penang for 2 nights + 1 Dell Studio Hybrid + Certificate
Barbara Mckay (Australia)
Entry: The Magic Hour Show @ Annexe Gallery

Flight tickets for 2 to Kuala Lumpur  + Hotel Stay (5 stars) for 3 nights + Air Asia flight ticket to Penang + Hotel Stay at Naza Hotel in Penang for 2 nights + Certificate
Keith Jenkins (Holland)
Entry: Ten things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Flight tickets for 2 to Kuala Lumpur  + Hotel Stay (5 stars) for 3 nights + Certificate
Dhanya Parthasarathy (India)
Entry: rock solid on the precarious edge



1 Dell Studio Hybrid + 1 Sony PlayStation 3 + 1 Sony PSP + 1 iPod Touch
Yeow Minyi
Entry: 350! 350! I say 350!

1 Dell Studio Hybrid + 1 iPod Touch + 1 Sony PSP

Gloson Teh
Entry: My Most Enjoyable Holiday in KL in Dec 09


1 Dell Studio Hybrid + 1 iPod Touch
Sharifah Hani Yasmin binti Syed Abdullah
Entry: Kuala Lumpur: The Lost Art of The “Serunai Burung”

The prize-giving ceremony was yesterday 28th March 2010 but since I was on a flight back to KL from Italy, I missed it. But I did send my two handsome guys to represent me.

A BIG THANK YOU to the organiser of BLOG4FT, Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan especially the minister himself, Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, BLOG4FT team members especially Hakim, Syahriman, Nazim and Sheila, the public as well as professional judges, namely Tan Sri Datuk Sri Elyas Omar, Tan Sri Dato Dr Lim Kok Wing, Dato’ Tony Fernandes, Dato Seri Wong Chun Wai and Datuk Ahiruddin Attan (Rocky) who have made it possible for me to be the Grand Prize Winner!

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to the sponsor as well; NAZA Group of Companies for the great prize!

A VERY VERY VERY BIG THANK YOU to all who voted for me for the post!!

Here’s Yassin posing with his dad and uncle Bain!


Toot has posted a link in The Malay Mail in my blog comment: Thanks toot!

Here’s the article, I copy-paste for my record:

Graphic illustrator wins FT competition

Mum blogs her creations and is awarded a Peugeot 308 VTi car

Shahrim Tamrin
Monday, March 29th, 2010 10:23:00

A pleasant surprise this morning at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport when she met her husband, Mohd Za’im Mohd Tahet, 47, and son Mohd Yassin, 7, upon her arrival from Italy.
From them, she learned that her blog entry KL: A to Z Fun Things To Do & Places to Visit with Kids was declared the best by judges of the “Blog for FT” competition and had been awarded the grand prize of a Peugeot 308 VTi car. (
Picture caption — CREATIVITY: (From left) Za’im with his son, Raja Nong Chik and S.M. Faizal Nasimudin of Naza at the prize-giving ceremony. Pic by ASHRAF SHAMSUL AZLAN)

Her husband told The Malay Mail last night: “The organisers told Emila to attend the awards ceremony tonight as her entry was listed in the top three.”

However, she was not able to do so as she was in Italy for the Bologna’s World Children’s Book Fair.

It was only when Emila was on a flight back that the announcement was made. On her behalf, Za’im said:

“This is definitely  one of the highlights of Emila’s life. “She decided to quit the corporate scene three years ago to spend more time with our only son. She also wanted less restrictions on how to express herself as an artist  and writer.

“I think her creative style to include illustrations in her write-up on KL’s positive lifestyle and environment garnered the attention of the judges.

“She is very creative and likes to blog about almost anything. Emila’s knack for writing as well as her love for illustration and graphics was expressed well in her blog”

The inaugural competition was mooted last year by FT and Urban Wellbeing Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin after an informal discussion with a group of bloggers.

Since its launch in October, the competition had attracted 4,278 entries with 300,000 page views recorded during the six-month time frame of the competition.

“I can say this was a success,” Raja Nong Chik said at the ceremony last night. “I am happy with the quality  and scale of responses from the blogging community as well as the international participation which reached as far as Australia, Belize, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Netherlands and India.”

The competition had four categories — general, teens, international and media. The teen winner was Yeow Minyi, Australian Barbara McKay topped the international entries while Cheong Peck Beng bagged the media prize.

Raja Nong Chik said he wanted to capitalise on the impact of new media and create a positive Internet buzz among bloggers about the Federal Territory as well as promote it at the same time.

“Blog for FT is one way to reach out to the public. I also actively interact with my Facebook friends to listen to their suggestions, comments or complaints about the Federal Territory.”

Credit: The Malay Mail

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  1. congrats kak emila..wooww (really tumpang happy for you and a really big wooww..) sbb dpt peugeot tu! seronok nyaaa…)

    you deserved it! and second big wowww for the previous entry, where your books and illustrations go international!

    rezeki yang manis2 utk kak emila..

  2. wohoooooooooo!!! *lompat-lompat*

    happy betul balik dari Italy terus dapat BIG SURPRISE NEWS macam ni!! CONGRATS kak!! 🙂

    still remember u was aiming 2nd prize, hihi.. but alhamdulillah, rezeki akak lebih dari itu!

    tahniah kak, keep on berkreatif ya..

    1. thank you, anny!!!! last time, my hardwork doesn’t always pay off but this year it really pays!!! thank you dear for always being a good friend and a good listener! You have always been there to provide me with your shoulders!

  3. I don’t what to say….speechless. Welcome home & congratsssss kak emi. i’m sure it’s not mere luck…its your hardwork

    1. indra!!! kak emi lagi speechless!! you know la me when asked to do speech, i always dunno what to say! lucky, in my blog, i can take my time to karang ayat!! hehehhe

      thank you indra, for believing in me!

  4. Emila!!! congratulations!!! I am so happy for you.. You definitely DESERVE it!! THat’s super amazing.. good things come to good people!! 🙂 🙂 .. and on that note, i am waiting for mine! hahahahaah (perasan good person kononnya tu!!)

    Enjoy your wonderful prize!! 🙂 🙂 Congrats again!!

  5. EMILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did it woman OMG I cant believe it!!! Remember u commented hoping to win the car and YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alhamdullillah, I am thrilled!

    1. yessssssssssssssssssss dear!!! I did it!!! thanks to all the votes you guys have been voting me!! I would’ve not made it without your support, friends and all who reads my blog!!! thank you! thank you!

  6. Congratulasi Emila, memang rezeki u…. sebelum pi Itali byk cabaran but u made that wish upon a falling star and balik2 terus dapat berganda rezeki, I am so proud of you I am in tears, big big hugs for u, it could not have happened to a more deserving friend, hugs! 🙂

    1. thank you dear! a lot of cabaran before i went to italy and i am so thankful that you are right here to give me your full support, boy too! Aww…I am in tears also reading your sincere comment! Truly! big hugs to both of you!

  7. Emilaaaa… tumpang gembira with your win! Nanti boleh la tumpang keta… hehehe. Yay!! We are all so happy and proud of you! ((Hugs))

    ps. More illustrated postcards please… 😉

    1. Nessaaaaa…..thank you!! I owe it to you and the rest! thank you for always believing in me and thank you for voting! Sure thing dear, I’ll be at your door anytime babe!

      ps on the way!!!

  8. Salam..

    Whooohooooo!! Bada Bing Da BOMB! Kak Emi, wahhhh tahniah tahniah menang.. Terasa glamer pulak dapat kenal orang yang pakai kreta vroom2 ni.

    Lain kali kita jumpa, buleh la rizal intai2 kereta tu.. Whoaho!!


  9. semoga dengan kejayaan ini akan membakar semangat sis emila utk terus berblogging & menghasilkan artikel2 yg bermutu…

    buktikan pada public yang aktiviti blogging pn boleh mendatangkan faedah..tahniah d’ucapkan…

  10. kak emila,

    seriously i feel like teary reading this. Rupanya when I found you about 2++ yrs ago masa tu kak emila baru berhenti kerja. Following your blog and your achievements since then, …we know you’ve really worked hard… bukan mudah untuk mencapai semua ni tanpa usaha yang keras. Bakat saja tidak memadai.

    I love you kak emila, You should bring more to the world!

  11. salam kak Emi! yay! congratulations again kak Emi! ni baru bole masuk blog kak Emi guna laptop Aki kt umah dia, since blog kak emi ni kene blocked by IT LTAT. Sabo jelaa….

    mmg best giler dpt peugeuot tu kak Emi! Yassin x sabo2 nak naik kete tu jln2 kak emi. ^_^ Nanti Bain pi umah kak Emi, bain nak naik gak! ^_^’

    kak Emi, buku My Mother’s Garden tu, nanti kak Emi bgtau bain ye bila dah ada kt locals bookshelves. nak beli gak.

    FYI, shoutbox bain kt blog bain pun kene blocked gak by IT. sedih aa…huhuu…baru ni perasan msg kak emi kt shoutbox tu. sib baik Aki ada datang jadi penyelamat bumi! ekekekeke….

  12. Haha! No problem! 🙂 Your flipbook is really amazing! Tourists (especially their kids) who want to visit Malaysia would really love it! 🙂 You deserve the first prize Emila!

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