Blogging from Italy: Day 04 – Firenze

Monday – 22nd March 2010

Linda went out early as she had to attend SCBWI Conference at the Bologna’s Children Book Fair, Bologna Fair Centre – Piazza Costituzione, Bologna and I took the time to find my own way to Firenze (Florence). Took the morning train and it took about two hours to reach Firenze Rifredi. When I reached there, I just walked out of the train station and headed to the town.

Firenze Rifredi Train Station

There wasn’t much to see and it was so not what people told me…and how do I get to Toscana? I was so helpless, I wanted to do my research before I left KL but I was too busy to finish my illustrations. I wanted to do the research also from Boscolo Hotel but internet connection was not available (still not available until today…as I wrote this…)

Signboards everywhere but I did not know where to go!

But of course I found few interesting objects to snap…

A bicycle

Oh Dandelions! Really made my day that day!

Firenze ducks are pretty!

So I bought a map and headed back to the train station. On the way back to the train station, I found an internet cafe and decided to go in and updated my facebook status, “Sesat di Firenze!” and got to talk to few friends online. After sending a message to my husband and son, I walked to the train station and sat there staring at the map. I later gave up and bought a ticket back to Bologna. I waited there but missed it as I thought it was a train to Napoli!! Lol! I was really a dumb! I took it as a sign and sat back and relaxed for a while until later I saw a board with available trains to all parts of Italy and saw Firenze Santa Maria Novella (SMN)! That was it!! That was the place I was supposed to go! I concluded to myself Firenze Rifredi is a transit station. So I bought a ticket to Firenze SMN!

That was more like it! But as the time has passed 3pm, I calculated my journey back to Firenze Rifredi and then back to Bologna, I decided not to wander far from the Firenze SMN’s train station. I went to the Information Center and ask for a map. The maps was so much better; it got interesting places to visit! I only managed to buy little gifts from the city and headed back to Bologna.

When I reached Bologna, it was about 6pm and I just walked around the town and took few photos.

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  1. kak, one of the half man half horse creature in harry potter was also named firenze. so i guess this is where rowling got the name kot. haha, just guessing.

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