So what do you do with a bunch of twigs?

You can do wonders if you want. Like these:

Although I have two big trees at my front yard but there wasn’t enough supply to make the above. So what I did was, went to the park, KL Lake Garden to be precise, and collect dry twigs. I am very sure that DBKL wouldn’t mind as I was doing nature a big favour; recycling.

Cool projects, right? I bought the plain frames from Ikea (3 for RM5.90) and made the pencils stand out of tissue tube. Covered the bottom part with layers of masking tape. I don’t think you need instruction for these projects as you can already figure it out by looking at them pictures.

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  1. Dearest Emila,
    I am definitely confident that DBKL would not mind your collecting the twigs and recycling them! In fact, don’t be surprised if they would invite you for an interview to replace at least 10 of their employees who have no idea what they should do with twigs, leaves and the whole park – if you ask them.

    I once saw a DBKL park cleaner sweeping the dry leaves into the drain-hole!

    We have tons and tons of twigs right now hiding under a foot or two of snow. Monchies and I are going to have a garage full of twigs this spring – enough to open a shop selling pen/pencil holders just like what you made. Love it!

    Hugs from Moscow,
    Enida, Kitreena and Edrick

  2. nice one emila! i loved such artsy things when i was younger, and had ample time on my own. but now that i have a bunch of kids (4, to be precise. the 5th is coming anytime now), i juz have to do watching others enjoying it. wait till my babies grown up, i’ll have those artsy time to enjoy, insyaAllah!

    as i said b4, i wished u could be my drawing sifu. well, i know u’ve replied and said no. but just like the kungfu movies, it’s not easy to get ur desired sifu, but u’ll get them eventually if u’re persistent enough..(at least that works for the heroes!)

  3. salam emi,

    i have done this before. i just love to work with nature..haha.. jimat belanja lor..
    tp tak penah buat pencil holder using that.. should give myself a try 🙂

    p/s: few days back susah btoi nk masuk ur blog.. nasib baik hari dah ok! 🙂

  4. Those are cool projects! I have TONS of twigs here, as there are several giant
    willow trees on the property. I mostly use them as kindling to start fires in the
    fireplace, but I may look at them differently now!

  5. rajinnya kak Em recycle and do artsy project.. saya setakat recycle botol2 kosong jela. tak mencapai ke tahap recycle twig lagi..

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