Random KL sketches

I wish I could just sit and draw away directly but having a very active son, it is impossible because I have to tail him all the time. I am hoping to be able to do that when he grows up a bit. For the time being, most of my sketches are drawn from photos I captured intentionally for drawing purposes.


Below is a view from AKLEH (Ampang-KL Elevated Highway). Picture was taken by me while driving. Can you imagine holding steering with my left hand while snapping pictures away with my right hand? Do not try this in your car, ok?


Whenever I passed any beautiful buildings, I would stop and snapped pictures. Below are two of my favourite neo-classical buildings (Clock Tower of Sultan Abdul Samad Building & Textile Museum).



I could not resist drawing the modern glass and steel Petronas Twin Towers because everywhere  I turn or look, the building is there. Even from where I stay I can see vivid image of the building.


One of my hobby is watching and snapping photos of old windows and this particular window from one of the preserved buildings at Jalan Doraisamy did not escaped my eyes.


Even when I stopped at the traffic light, I would capture any scene that caught my eyes. Below is a view from Jalan Raja heading to Jalan Raja Laut traffic light.


Beside capturing scenery and buildings, my objects of interest are people; people doing their things, for example: ahem, Rashid Salleh…


…or this cute little girl in red…


…or my son smooching the totem pole…


…or my best blogger buddy, Yoon See posing with our evergreen singer, Kak Salamiah Hassan…


…or a tourist observing KL from the top of KL Tower…


…or three uncles having chicken rice at Central Market food court.


I also love watching animals. Below were monkeys having fun at Tanglin Hospital during weekends…


…and three permanent winged residents of Sentul Park lake.


Ducks or birds have always been my favourite subjects. Below are some drawings from my other sketch book.

Here is a couple of ducks from Lake Garden cleaning their feathers…

itik lake garden

…and a beautiful black swan from KL Birds Park swimming gracefully.

black swan from birds park

If you’re at Birds Park, please look for this handsome peacock; I couldn’t exactly bring out all the details of its plumage, it’s too magnificent.

peacock from birds park

Beside animals, i love to draw nature too. Below is frangipani from KLCC. There are quite a large numbers of frangipani trees at KLCC Park; somewhere from the fountain leading to the pool area.

frangipani klcc

Last but not least, here is a creepy tree situated somewhere between the Convention Centre and KLCC Park.

creepy tree of klcc

I think I have put enough loads on your browser with my drawing images. You, should by now get the idea already that Kuala Lumpur never ceases to offer great subjects for you to draw.

Just look around; your drawing subject might just be few inches near you.

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  1. I love your drawings! I have never seen another website like this before, it was very refreshing to see someone with original content. Keep up the good work!

  2. yay kak Emi! Bain suka 1st drawing tu! it reminds me kolej tun syed nassir, tpt bain buat part-time study. kolej tu dkt sgt ngn tasik titiwangsa. views dari tasik mmg cantik²! ^_^

  3. Kak emi!!!!!!!!!!!! you patut buat komik sa tu laaaa !! I penggila (tahap gila) komik tau!

    Pls pls pls!!!

    Next yr project buat komik eh eh eh eh!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE@!~

    (teruja tgk lukisan jalan doraisamy)

    KAK EMI tau tak :80 Degrees Celcius by Yao Fei La I sukaaaaaaaaaaaa kak Emi buat laa komik mcm tuh!

    Tak pon buat comic strip utk blog FT ni!!

    Arrrghhhhh chantiknyaaaaaaaaa lukisan Jalan Doraisamy tu!

    ( dah jiji pegi balik blog sendiri!)

    1. wow!
      i tot shemmi sorg jerk suke gaban tahap dewa baca komik..

      o yeah! Yao Fei La is my favorite komikus!!!<===cam tikus yg pandai melukis komik…

      * suke pic yg last!ada duck…oh, cute!

  4. Hi, nice drawing, …after the pocket calendar..nak minta you buat illustrations for other projects pulak…..

    and tx for promoting the tree top walk here..

  5. Rasa nak nangis.

    Anyway tergelak kat skecth yang yassin kissed the totem tu. Budak-budak kalau peprgi kat Muzium negara then nampak totem tu mesti akan tertarik dengan benda tu.

    Anak buah noe pun sama.

  6. Nice drawings! I like! Been meaning to ask you this… how do you start your drawing? Do you use pencils first, then inks, then colours? Do you draw from memory or do you have references? Big grats on your second win for B4FT:)

    1. thank you cr!

      as for the drawings, i start with a pencil sketch, then ink it and later put the coloring. As for these, i draw from photos i captured with my camera because i couldn’t find the time to draw directly. lagipun, need to study the details a bit if not thoroughly.

      For other illustrations, say for example, for my children’s book, those are straight from from imagination. I do have other drawings that i draw from memory, contohnya my snorkelling experience at tioman. i don’t have an underwatercamera, so what i did was savour the moment. i put it down to drawing a week after that.

  7. WOW! @_@ Looking at your sketches made me feel like a kid again. They’re great! Keep up the good work = )

    I just realized I’m only 23, but now I feel old = (

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