A Surprise from Ken *

I received this lovely gifts from Ken Ong today! I am so thrilled! These are so beautiful, I love them all! Thank you so much Ken!

Ken gave me a 2 candle holders (painting on glass was painted by Ken himself), 4 vanilla scented candles, a handmade card with two adorable little dolls and his beautiful name card; all these wrapped creatively in a black corrugated box and nice matching ribbons to go with it. I am lighting the candle as we speak and oh it’s great to bask in the full splendor of vanilla aromatherapy.

Thank you Ken Ong!

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1st commentator:


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        1. some where near also, if not mistaken πŸ™‚ but some of his things a bit pricy. sometimes I go penline to get art stuff…now having sales there.

  1. Ken is so good and thoughtful, having great idea and executing the rest small intriguing partÒ€¦.from painting the candle stands and to wrapping the gift……

  2. Win Art is to relocate!?
    I always go there and buy Canvas Block. It’s very reasonable.
    I don’t go there that often, getting late. I just pass by Kelana Jaya yestreday, thinking to go but they have closed.

    Uncle Win was not well for some time, he was getting thiner & tiner, poor guy….he didn’t come out to the shop lately.
    Thanks for your info. Ken.
    Go sales, must golah.
    I shall make a trip there next week.
    So long I haven’t chit chat with aunty Win already…..

    1. the one having sales is penline @ pj, state. But wins I think got also la since they are relocating. I think uncle win got stroke that is why he’s not well.

        1. not yet…mid dec only.

          I’ll be bz whole day 2day πŸ™‚

          fashion show @ 11, 2pm college seminar, now going sg wang 2 get present for fren.

          hv a great day!

  3. Kak emila! I’ve made traveling to KL,Genting, Johor, Malaka for 5 days two weeks ago! i’m in love with malaysia! i want meet you, but dont know how..:D

  4. Oh my Emilla I don’t know if my comments are going through or not. Your gifts are very lovely. I just wanted you to know that my PC has been down all week.

    I just got back up and running late yesterday.

    I hope your week went well. Wow….so many comments!! Congrats and hugs too!!:-)

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