Postcards exchange

for eugeniagina

for zarifi

for laura taylor mark

I promised to exchange postcards with 3 fellow artists: Eugeniagina, Zarifi and Laura Taylor MarkΒ and today I’ve got the time to make them! I will post them out first thing tomorrow morning!

Postcards I’ve collected so farΒ are “The pirate and the mermaid” by Mike R. Baker and “To be free I need the sea” by Laurel Gaylord.

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  1. wow, emila! i love the 2nd & 3rd postcard! background for both are very nice. i wish i could hv a closer look at the third one. did u use a white color pencil to draw the leaves pattern or you use tip of soemthing sharp to draw it while it’s still wet?

  2. HI Jean! I use white color pencil on dry watercolor. I don’t really go for scraping because I don’t want to ruin the paper texture.

    Hi Janice! It’s cartoon lor…hehehe

    Hi Gina! Peekaboo!

  3. oh Emilia! these are so cute…i love mine a lot but the 3rd one is awsome!…i’m posting the one i did for you now, and i’ll send by mail tomorro, hope you like it…i’ve not drawn since years πŸ˜‰

  4. I want make a Postcards exchange too!!!!
    Emila, your art and generosity ROCKS!!! the 3rd one is amaizing!!! tell me more about it… kisses

  5. emila, may I have your permission for continuing this postcard exchange in my blog? πŸ™‚ It really a good idea, and I really want to make an exchange with other fellow illustrator too….. 😯

    btw. I have finished yours!

  6. hello agin emilia!
    I’ve just mailed the postcard…
    I’m loving this idea of exchange…would you mind if i post a similar entry in my blog?
    Have a nice weekend πŸ˜‰

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