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Please respect my copyright and please credit to if you are copying this term and using it on your blog.

All rights reserved Β© Emila Yusof, unless mentioned otherwise.

Creative Commons LicenseIllustrations by Emila Yusof is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on all works at Permissions beyond the scope of this license are as per below:

No commercial uses are permitted without specific, written permission, with an inked signature. Commercial activities prohibited include: selling the my illustrations/photos/verses, putting them on items to be sold, or otherwise making money from them, exchanging anything of value for them, or using them to increase the value of your website or blog, or print publication, or electronic publication, or any other kind of publication, or any other commercial use.

As for blog headers/avatar, badges created, license of use (one time usage) is granted with each items. Copyright is solely mine. Please e-mail me if you want to convert/expand it to another usage. You cannot by any means, use the same header and edit it and change it to your friend’s name or whatever. Most of the time I give you the permission to use/crop it as facebook profile pic or for blog avatar. You cannot ask other person to do the same exact illustrations. It’s copyright infringement. You need to come back to me.

If you like to license my illustrations/photos/verses, please write to me at

You can:

[In all cases, my name, Emila Yusof with link to my blog MUST be included.]

1. use (as is) my illustrations/photos/verses to accompany your posts

2. download and print as personal greeting cards; to share any illustrations/photos/verses with other individuals you care about.

Note:Β  PERSONAL GREETING CARDS literally means just that; personal greeting cards. They cannot be seen as public decorations or as such, including photostated ones. INDIVIDUALS YOU CARE ABOUT means your mother, father, sister, grandfather, grandmother, brother, cousin, second cousin, auntie, uncle, as such. PUBLIC is so not included.

definition of PERSONAL: relating to somebody’s private life: relating to the parts of somebody’s life that are private.

You cannot:

1. send my illustrations/photos/verses to people by e-mail. If you want a person, or group of people (as in a group e-mail) to see my illustrations/photos/verses, please send them to my blog to view rather than pasting them in the e-mail. Type my website address or images URL into your e-mail.

2. edit my illustrations/photos/verses and integrate them in graphic software as collage, photo montage, etc or even your website/blog header.

3. hotlinking the images directly from my blog. Please save the images in your hardisk and upload them to your server or blog provider.

I hope you enjoy my illustrations/photos/verses and that they can help brighten your days.

Thank you for visiting my site! Have a good day.

Emila Yusof


    1. ok dik, appreciate it very much! tapi yang gambar bff forever tu boleh letak but with credit nama akak yang dipautkan ke blog ini.

      terima kasih, zawani!

  1. Kak, sye sker tgk art2 akak.. so sye igt nak letak dkt blog sye.. since kalo akk ader tgk dkat blog sye, sye suker ltak pic yg ala2 kena dgn tajuk post sye b4 sye tulis post sye.. tp sye akan tulis credit la.. cuma sye nak tahu bole x? sye pun nk ltak link ke web akak dlm blog sy.. sye da lamer carik katun2 muslimah comel2.. akak pny art mmg comel sgt2.. bila baca ni dah makin phm..hehe.. kalau nak pakai art akak untuk personal use wat bookmark ker, kata2 hikmah ker boleh x? mksudnye edit sket2.. takutla~

    1. fara, untuk personal use buat bookmark pakai sendiri, boleh. Dan kalau untuk letak kat post to accompany adik punya blog post pun boleh, syaratnya adik dah pun faham, cuma link ke blog akak je.

      ok farah! happy writing!

  2. kak emi, nak pakai artwork akak utk attched pd note dlm fb utk personal use.. ada attached link akak sekali.. boleh ke? kalau x leh, nti sy remove.. tq

  3. Salam Emila…

    I am asking for your permission to use your dollies in my lecture slides as I find them cute & interesting. I have attached together (in all slides that has your dollies) your blog link. Are u ok with it?


  4. hi dear

    im interested with ur cute art n ur design in i juz wanna ask if i can get ur service to do for my blog maybe u know how to modified it and do similar like onlinehijab pls let me know ur term n condition including ur service charge ya…

    really appreacited if u can reply me .


  5. Dear Emi,

    I am a primary school teacher and I would like to seek yr permission to use your dollies as decorations on the class’ notice boards. I love yr dollies as they look very motherly. A note will be attached together to inform the children abt yr work and website. Can the pupils be considered as INDIVIDUALS YOU CARED ABOUT πŸ™‚ ? Kindly advice.

    P/s : if its not OK, I still love your work.

  6. akk… sha nak copy terms ni ek… πŸ™‚ i’ll put a credit for u…as always..:D … akk buzy lagi ya…
    kepala sha rasa macam terawang2 dah tidur pun tak hilang2 juga… huhu…
    akk minum kopi apa? bukan nescafe kan?

    1. ok boleh. tapi tengok baca dulu dan ubah mana yg patut…mcm hotlinking tu heheheh ala kopi cap kapal layar. nescafe akak tak boleh minum, pening.

  7. Salam sejahtera…

    Saya lama memerhatikan dari jauh kesungguhan Puan Emila memperjuangkan hakcipta pengkarya.
    Kagum dan tabik hormat. Dan menjadi seseorang yang lebih berhati-hati dalam mengongsikan bahan-bahan yang terdapat di internet.
    Saya ingin menjadi penyokong Puan dengan menggunakan gambar-gambar dan illustrasi dalam blog Puan sebagai pengiring kepada artikel-artikel dalam blog peribadi saya, mengikut syarat-syarat yang telah Puan tetapkan πŸ™‚

    Cuma satu pertanyaan…

    Bagaimana pula dengan gambar-gambar yang Puan letakkan dalam instagram ? Apakah tertakluk dengan terma dan syarat yang sama.

    Mohon pencerahan, terima kasih.

  8. Kak emi, kalau saya guna gambar untuk tampal di goodies bag birthday anak saya boleh ker untuk kawan-kawan di tadika dia. Mohon pencerahan. Terima kasih. Sebab gambar budak perempuan tu rasa mcm sama lak dengan my nuha πŸ™‚

    1. Boleh. But don’t show or share it online, k. This is called ‘fair use’ whereas you are using it for personal use. Make sure other moms don’t post the bag pictures online on FB or IG or blog.

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