Might – Illustration Friday (2nd take)

Mighty Adventure
(Material: watercolour)

Norah and her cat decided to take a trip to the jungle nearby during the school holiday. As they wandered inside, they discovered beautiful floras and faunas. It was indeed Norah’s first mighty adventure to a mighty jungle.

“…in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight…” was heard echoing the mighty jungle all day long!

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Baby’s first oil painting!

(Oil on canvas; title: Construction Abstract)

Yeah, this piece is probably the most unique painting because it’s painted by my 3 year old son. I bought a canvas last week and wanted to draw an abstract painting for my wall but when my son saw me preparing to paint, he came over and confiscated all the painting materials! I tried to put it away but like a koala, he held tight my feet and I couldn’t even move. I surrendered my stuff and the little guy happily painting away! So happy with the result, I am now waiting for it to dry before putting it on the wall.

(According to my son, Yassin, he painted a construction site. He chose red for the background because his dad’s car is red!).

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