I’ve been tagged again!

I’ve been tagged by Francesca Springolo to list 6 weird things about me. Well I’ve already listed 6 in the previous post, anyway here’s another six.

  1. When I was young I want to be a fashion designer but here I am now a woman without a fashion sense.

  2. I love cats but I don’t have one.

  3. I can’t swim but can float.

  4. I can’t sleep with the blanket covering my toes.

  5. Sometimes I sleep with my legs crossed.

  6. I only have a pair of shoes for work. Hate shoe-shopping because I would spend the whole day looking for the design that I like.

Now I’m tagging anybody who wants to play! Enjoy!

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Sprout – Illustration Friday

Sprout | watercolor

As a kid, I used to just lie down waiting to catch the moment my bean sprouts would at least grow a bit in front of my eyes. I was pretty sure that I captured the moment until my sister blew it all and told me that it wasn’t the sprout, it was the wind!

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Indra’s Pressie


Gave a little something to Indra who has turned 27 last week. It’s a canvas notebook. She likes Pingu so much, so I illustrated a penguin marching before her. I made the cover with pockets for easy replacement of notebook. Materials used are card-stock, canvas and acrylic paints.

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Potrait of Kak Ani

Kak Ani | graphite

*Kak Ani is like a sister to me. She is going to celebrate her birthday this coming 26th and I am at loss of what to give her. She once said that if I want to give her something, it must be by my own hand. So, I thought of giving her a drawing. This is a preliminary sketch and I will work on the color later.

Last year, I baked her cinnamon cookies and put it nicely in a decorated jar. She was so happy and won’t let people take the cookies!

Kak (or kakak) – Sister

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