blueeyedcat.jpg  greeneyedcat.jpg
Tompok (left)  & At (right)
Material: Prismacolor Colored Pencil
ACEO Format

Tompok was my husband’s cat. He found her in the dench and brought her home one rainy day. She died while giving birth to her kitten. The kitten didn’t survived as well. At is my mother’s. My mother practically went out to look for a cat to chase away all the dancing rats.

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Crash – Illustration Friday


One day, while playing with her cat on a hill nearby her house, Norah saw a bright flying saucer plunged from the clouds and crashed into the paddy field with a loud bang! A smoke rose and in a matter of minutes, strange men came out from the flying saucer. Later, a bigger flying saucer came and took the crashed flying saucer away. Before disappearing, the bigger flying saucer restored the burnt area with some sort of light. Curious villagers who saw the light crowded the paddy field later. They were a little bit too late and saw nothing.

From up the hill, Norah and her cat slowly turned and walked home. They knew what they saw but kept it a secret.

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I’ve been tagged!

I’ve been tagged by Chicken Girl to list 6 weird things about me.

  1. I love reading children’s books beside thin novels. Thick books just make me go sleepy fast!

  2. I paint during wee hours; around 1am to 4am.

  3. I always read magazines from the back, easier for me to flip from left to right.

  4. I’m 3/4 left-handed! I ONLY draw and write using my right hand. (this explains no. 3).

  5. I can’t draw when people are watching. If there are people around, I have to cover it with my hand.

  6. I think dragonflies love me! They’re always near me everywhere I go. Some of them practically perched on my hand for no reason.

Now I’m tagging Laurel (Studio Lolo), Enigma, Katie The Queen, Pati (Cabana Digital) and Erika!

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