I’ve been tagged!

Thanks to Mike R. Baker, you all get to know 7 more things about me…

  1. I want to be a fashion designer when I was a teenager.

  2. I tend to verbalize the names of shops, street names, signboards, billboards, etc as I read them when driving or shopping.

  3. My name was supposed to be Emilia but back then, the registration person misspelled it. So it became Emila. Thanks Mr, I love my name.

  4. All my close friends call me Ames. Others call me Amy. There’s only one person called me Mila, but he’s history! But I love to be called by my real name, Emila.

  5. I love crossword puzzles.

  6. I love Chinese food.

  7. My IQ is 138 only! Sat this test few years back but not qualified to be a Mensan! Cis!

Now I’m tagging anybody who wants to be tagged!

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Mother’s Day


Yesterday, I� decided to spend� Mother’s Day doing the thing that I love with my son.� Normally, I can’t� do that� when �he’s not asleep.� It all went well until he� tried to put his brush on my painting. He said mine was nicer to color.“Ok, it’s nap time baby!”

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Citrus – Illustration Friday

Citrus Girl | Acrylic & Prismacolor

This week’s topic for Illustration Friday is ‘Citrus’. I can’t run from drawing oranges! Here, you can see Norah, accompanied by Pumpkin, picking oranges from her grandpa’s orchard. I love orange color because it denotes energy and warmth.

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Cactus | watercolor

Did this painting last month and forgot where I put it until yesterday; found it lying in a box at the corner of my office. Scanned it and put it up in my card store as note card/blank card.

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My little fairy

lilfairy.jpgMy favourite fairies illustrator/painter, Randomyork always amazes me with his little fairies and magical world. Inspired by his work I did a simple sketches in Photoshop using soft round brushes. Yeah, and it gives me idea to put it up in my store as birthday card for anyone who wants to send fairy birthday wishes to their little ones.

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