Planning for family holiday abroad

All the three of us, my husband, son and me never been abroad (except Singapore) as a family. Last year, I went to Cape Town and Seoul with my husband but gotta leave my son behind because he had to go to school. His grandmother offered to look after him. I won the trips and was bound to go on normal days, not school holiday. If it were school holiday, I would’ve bought another ticket for my son. When I went to Italy and Germany, I had to leave my son and my husband behind because of the same reason. Lucky, I got a very supportive husband. He offered to look after our son while I was away.

Anyway, we’re planning to go somewhere on next year during year-end school holiday. This will give us ample time to plan to book early flight tickets. The earlier, the cheaper.

And…we plan to go backpacking, no big luggages. This means, my son got to carry his own backpack. We’re planing to go Europe; starting from UK and down to Greece.

A cafe at Heidelberg. It’ll be great ifI can bring my husband and son here.

We’re planning to take the cheapest accommodation as well as transportation. And so, I am doing my homework on how to get everything cheap. And oh, this also means I have to work harder to save some travelling money. ;P

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New York, New York

I have this plan to travel to New York City (NYC) on the back of my head since 2010 because I want to go visit my original sketchbook which is now residing in the Brooklyn Art Library, NYC. Furthermore my ex-colleague, Kak Ros, is now residing there. But if I travel to NYC, I would love to take the New York vacation packages and explore the city. I did some research and found out that the packages offered by New York City Vacation Packages (NYCVP) are the quickest, easiest and most affordable! NYCVP is also the home of NYC TripQuote, the most comprehensive online travel planning tool on the web exclusively for New York City.

Being the only major independent tour company devoted exclusively to New York City travel planning, NYCVP offers customized, individual, and flexible New York City deals that include exciting New York City Travel Packages with accommodations in centrally located NYC Hotels as well as a vast variety of popular NYC Sightseeing and Attraction options.

Being inclined to art, I love that the packages include the tour to Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the world’s finest museums, with comprehensive collection of more than two million works of art from ancient through modern times. Of course I will include Brooklyn Art Library as NYCVP also offers tour customization. Great features, right? Apart from customization, they also offer themed packages like honeymoon and family vacation.

If you are planning to visit New York City, do visit NYCVP website and check out the great New York vacation packages!

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I dream of Galapagos


I have a long travel bucket list and one place that I like to visit is Galapagos. Why Galapagos? Located in the Pacific Ocean, 1000 kilometers (600 miles) off the west coast of South America, the Galapagos Islands are comprised of more than sixty islands and islets. The Galapagos islands and its surrounding waters form an Ecuadorian province, a national park, and a biological marine reserve. The islands are geologically famed for their vast number of endemic species, which were studied by Charles Darwin during the voyage of the Beagle.

Ever since I came across a website offering Galapagos Cruise, I have been day-dreaming of getting aboard The Galapagos Explorer II which offers expedition to Galapagos Islands with interesting activities like:

  • taking a boat ride (glass bottom) to see the marine life,
  • tour around Galapagos islands to experience the magnificent flora and fauna that no other destiny would offer,
  • snorkel in the pristine marine reserve of Galapagos and
  • explore the islands led by naturalist guide.

Best of all, the cruise is suitable for family with kids. So yes, someday I’ll go on Galapagos Cruise and enjoy what Galapagos has to offer.

Check out the website; it offers 3D multimedia view of the ship and well as the islands. To register for this cruise, hit the “Before your trip” tab and read ’11 things you need to know before your trip to Galapagos”. It lists down the national park regulations, things you need to bring, dress code, etc.

360 view of Explorer II Ship. Credit:


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