Travel illustrations: Lombok

Cover illustrations I did recently for next issue of Gaya Travel Magazine. Will be out soon and will let you know if I will be getting some free copies. I did a line work concept and colored only the traveller part in watercolor. Took me accumulatively one day to complete.

I have never been to Lombok but got the reference photos from the team. So yeah, hope to go someday. Lombok looks gorgeous!

gaya82Pen and watercolor on acrylic paper.

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Discover the spirit of Japan

My mother-in-law, her sister and husband (Bak Cu and Pak Cu) and my sister-in-law is now holidaying in Japan to visit Udin (Bak Cu and Pak Cu’s son) who is studying Mechanical Engineering in Shibaura Institute of Technology, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Udin is having his convocation there, that’s the main reason they are there. They went a week ago and will be coming back in few days time. They seem to enjoy it there, they went shopping, they went to Nippori (textile town), they went for spa, they went to Yokohama port and many more. My sister-in-law posted great photos from Japan and one if it being interviewed by Fuji TV!

Udin and family in JapanUdin being interviewed by Fuji TV in Akihabara, the so-called Electric Town in Tokyo, Japan. Photo credit: Nurzulali Mohd Tahet (my sis-in-law).

yokohama port
From left: my sis-in-law, mom-in-law, Pak Cu and Bak Cu posing in front of Yokohama Port. Photo credit: Udin (my cousin-in-law).

I could not help but feeling envy; envy in a good way as it really makes me want to visit Japan and this has triggered me to find out more about Japan. I came about this interesting video about Japan ‘Discover the Spirit of Japan’ on YouTube, thought I share it with here. Jom, let’s discover Japan! Japan is so on my travel bucket list now.

And as for Udin, he will be working there after having been graduated from Shibaura Institute of Technology last March 16. He will start working this coming April 1 with KAO Co. Ltd. for few years. He has been staying there for 4 years now and can speak Japanese fluently as he took 5 years course learning Japanese language; 3 years with UNISEL and 2 years in Japan.

When asked about the people in Japan, Udin told me they are very helpful people and willing to help the best they can provided that we can speak their language. They love it when foreigner can speak their language. So this is a good tip for us if we want to visit Japan.

Good luck Udin, all the best from Malaysia! I will definitely find you if I have the chance to visit Japan.

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Win a return trip to Europe for 2 #SeduniaWin

Have you ever wanted to go on a fully sponsored holiday trip to Europe? Spain, France and Italy in particular? If you do, I have an exciting travel contest to share with you. I know some of you love to travel so please do take this opportunity to win a very big prize for  yourself and your friend or spouse.

Win a 13 day trip to Europe

The Prize

Win a 13 day trip to Europe for 2 including flights. One lucky winner and a friend will travel to Spain, France & Italy on a 13 day adventure with return flights from Emirates. Experience the laid back Mediterranean summer with Cosmos on their brand new Mediterranean Flavors tour.


In addition, 10 lucky winners will win a travel voucher for RM1,000 which can be used for any Globus, Cosmos or Avalon Waterways trip. Another 100 people will win a RM600 travel voucher, making the prizes worth a total of over RM100,000.

How to enter

Visit to enter the competition. Just answer 2 simple questions and enter a slogan. No minimum length, just tell us why you would like to go on a Cosmos tour.

Competition closes on 28th Feb. For full terms and conditions and details see the competition page.

The Itinerary

On the Mediterranean Flavors tour everything will be taken care of – so you can enjoy the best the region has to offer at its best, in summer!


Day 1-5: Spain | Arrive on an Emirates flight from Kuala Lumpur to Madrid. Spend 5 days in Spain visiting Madrid, Cuenca, Valencia, Peniscola and Barcelona.


Day 6-7: France | On your way to Italy, travel through the South of France. Spend 2 days in France exploring Collioure, Marseille, Cassis, Grasse and Nice.


Day 8-13: Italy | End your holiday Italy, by spending 6 days in this beautiful country. Visit Cinque Terre, La Spezia, Verona, Venice, Assisi and finally Rome. On the last day, fly Emirates from Rome to Kuala Lumpur.

About Cosmos

For more than 50 years, Cosmos has offered savvy, value-minded travellers the most affordable travel packages to the world’s most fascinating places. Pioneers in budget travel, this world-class brand can offer trips to Europe from just RM230 a day. On every tour, everything is taken care of. From their experienced tour directors to expertly guided sightseeing you know you are really getting the chance to explore a place.

Cosmos has over 100 itineraries to Europe and America so there will always be something for everyone.

Enter the competition at

Good luck!!

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Theme River Cruises with Avalon Waterways

Well-heeled and seasoned Free Independent Travellers (FITs) expect first-class touring, outstanding customised itineraries, excellent accommodation, cultural experiences through cuisine or the arts and “unexpected discoveries” – all without any hassle.

Now Malaysians can truly expect all that through themed river cruises deep into the heart of the European continent transporting them along with their accommodation as they wake up each morning to a new destination. This is now possible through Avalon Waterways, the global leader in river cruising. It is part of the Globus family of brands which has just appointed Sedunia Travel as its General Sales Agent in Malaysia.


Madam Teoh Leng Lan, Executive Director of Sedunia Travel, is confident that Malaysians will take to river cruising like “a duck to water”.

At a media briefing to announce their new and exciting products for Malaysia, Madam Teoh said that Malaysians’ favourite long haul destination is Europe, hands down.  This sentiment mirrors that of Globus’ Sales across Asia last year when almost 90% of sales were for packages in Europe.

Europe’s appeal is that it’s an ever-green destination. One can visit in each season:  spring, summer, autumn or winter, thus a different experience each time.

River cruises offer a different perspective from conventional travel.  Just imagine cruising along The Rhine, The Danube or rivers in France, you can expand your wine appreciation skills, enjoy jazz festivals, extend your culinary skills appreciation or waltz to a symphony of destinations,” Teoh added.

Ray Smith, the GSA Business Development manager of Globus Family of Brands listed the benefits of river cruising versus ocean cruising: view from the window constantly changes, spend time in port every day, rooms offer more comfort than ocean cruising as every cabin has a view amongst others.

With smaller groups on Avalon Waterways, you’ll get more attention from staff, and there’s no queue at dinner times.  You arrive straight in town – no long transfers from the port to the sights.  It’s a relaxed pace,” said Smith.

And, best of all,” he added with a twinkle, “No seasickness!

Avalon Waterways are running a limited availability promotion on the Tulips of Northern Holland, Tulip Time Cruise, Balkan Discovery and Capitals of Central Europe. If you book the current promotional cruises, you can fly for free to your destination. The offer ends once all the cabins have been sold.

Sedunia Travel are launching a consumer competition on January 8th with up to RM100,000.00 worth of prizes to be won, including a Cosmos trip for two with return Emirates flights.

Sedunia Travel, one of Malaysia’s Top Five Corporate Travel Agencies has a strong base to market the Globus Family of Brands products and a user-friendly website.  Log on to for further information.

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My 2013 travel plans

Love to travel, but feeling too pinched by your ever-troubled economy to travel? In this economy, you want the most value for every Ringgit you will spend whether that means getting the cheapest budget room available or the best travel deals.

You can still find good travel deals if you know where to look.  With every little bit of helps, there are some great travel deals to be found online.  All you need is a laptop, internet connection and an online banking account (or debit/credit card). Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to your dream destinations.

If you want to travel in Malaysia or to the South East Asia travel destinations, consider taking a look at Groupon Malaysia travel deals. I always look at Groupon Malaysia getaway deals as most of the times the discounts will be up to 70%! Groupon Malaysia offers so much cool stuff to do and where to go. The deals are usually to upscale resorts or hotels. In addition to the popular vacation destinations in Malaysia like Sarawak, Langkawi, Kota Tinggi Johor, you can expect deals to popular South East Asia destinations like Krabi, Siem Reap, and Phuket. It is all a click away to your preferred destinations and for much less money.

I got two free flight tickets to Bali and one to Bangkok with compliments by a local airline company but have yet to do the arrangement as I have been busy doing some paintings. I might have to postpone it to early next year. I am taking my husband and son to Bali but will be travelling solo to Bangkok. I am also planning to revisit Penang and already found a hotel in Penang to stay on my next vacation. My husband has always been supportive of me travelling as he knows that I will learn something new and get some inspirations to come up with my next paintings. And for that he always encourages me to look for best travel package.

It’s time to take benefit of what this world has to offer. With Groupon Malaysia vouchers, it’s that simple; click buy now, book, print voucher, travel and claim.

venice window
A watercolor painting by me based on my own experience travelling to Venice, Italy.

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Planning for family holiday abroad

All the three of us, my husband, son and me never been abroad (except Singapore) as a family. Last year, I went to Cape Town and Seoul with my husband but gotta leave my son behind because he had to go to school. His grandmother offered to look after him. I won the trips and was bound to go on normal days, not school holiday. If it were school holiday, I would’ve bought another ticket for my son. When I went to Italy and Germany, I had to leave my son and my husband behind because of the same reason. Lucky, I got a very supportive husband. He offered to look after our son while I was away.

Anyway, we’re planning to go somewhere on next year during year-end school holiday. This will give us ample time to plan to book early flight tickets. The earlier, the cheaper.

And…we plan to go backpacking, no big luggages. This means, my son got to carry his own backpack. We’re planing to go Europe; starting from UK and down to Greece.

A cafe at Heidelberg. It’ll be great ifI can bring my husband and son here.

We’re planning to take the cheapest accommodation as well as transportation. And so, I am doing my homework on how to get everything cheap. And oh, this also means I have to work harder to save some travelling money. ;P

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New York, New York

I have this plan to travel to New York City (NYC) on the back of my head since 2010 because I want to go visit my original sketchbook which is now residing in the Brooklyn Art Library, NYC. Furthermore my ex-colleague, Kak Ros, is now residing there. But if I travel to NYC, I would love to take the New York vacation packages and explore the city. I did some research and found out that the packages offered by New York City Vacation Packages (NYCVP) are the quickest, easiest and most affordable! NYCVP is also the home of NYC TripQuote, the most comprehensive online travel planning tool on the web exclusively for New York City.

Being the only major independent tour company devoted exclusively to New York City travel planning, NYCVP offers customized, individual, and flexible New York City deals that include exciting New York City Travel Packages with accommodations in centrally located NYC Hotels as well as a vast variety of popular NYC Sightseeing and Attraction options.

Being inclined to art, I love that the packages include the tour to Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the world’s finest museums, with comprehensive collection of more than two million works of art from ancient through modern times. Of course I will include Brooklyn Art Library as NYCVP also offers tour customization. Great features, right? Apart from customization, they also offer themed packages like honeymoon and family vacation.

If you are planning to visit New York City, do visit NYCVP website and check out the great New York vacation packages!

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I dream of Galapagos


I have a long travel bucket list and one place that I like to visit is Galapagos. Why Galapagos? Located in the Pacific Ocean, 1000 kilometers (600 miles) off the west coast of South America, the Galapagos Islands are comprised of more than sixty islands and islets. The Galapagos islands and its surrounding waters form an Ecuadorian province, a national park, and a biological marine reserve. The islands are geologically famed for their vast number of endemic species, which were studied by Charles Darwin during the voyage of the Beagle.

Ever since I came across a website offering Galapagos Cruise, I have been day-dreaming of getting aboard The Galapagos Explorer II which offers expedition to Galapagos Islands with interesting activities like:

  • taking a boat ride (glass bottom) to see the marine life,
  • tour around Galapagos islands to experience the magnificent flora and fauna that no other destiny would offer,
  • snorkel in the pristine marine reserve of Galapagos and
  • explore the islands led by naturalist guide.

Best of all, the cruise is suitable for family with kids. So yes, someday I’ll go on Galapagos Cruise and enjoy what Galapagos has to offer.

Check out the website; it offers 3D multimedia view of the ship and well as the islands. To register for this cruise, hit the “Before your trip” tab and read ’11 things you need to know before your trip to Galapagos”. It lists down the national park regulations, things you need to bring, dress code, etc.

360 view of Explorer II Ship. Credit:


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