Em’s Travel Diary – my own column!!

This year has been great so far for me and I am happy that I am given a chance to write and illustrate in a spread column (2-page) in Gaya Travel magazine. I can never imagine, in a thousand years, that this will be happening.

It all started when a friend, Rayyan Haries, tweeted me about wanting to feature my artwork on a cover of a magazine; Gaya Travel. I later I set an appointment with him and met with the Creative Director, Sharm, and we discussed about what he had in mind for the magazine’s new look and feel. I showed some of my artworks online and out of spontaneity, Sharm offered me a spread in this magazine to write and draw. Like seriously?

Of course, I’ll be crazy not to accept it…so I said yes! Truly happy and I am all thankful to Rayyan and Gaya Travel team!

And my current blog header is to mark my first journey being a columnist.

Here’s a snapshot of my column.



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Theme River Cruises with Avalon Waterways

Well-heeled and seasoned Free Independent Travellers (FITs) expect first-class touring, outstanding customised itineraries, excellent accommodation, cultural experiences through cuisine or the arts and “unexpected discoveries” – all without any hassle.

Now Malaysians can truly expect all that through themed river cruises deep into the heart of the European continent transporting them along with their accommodation as they wake up each morning to a new destination. This is now possible through Avalon Waterways, the global leader in river cruising. It is part of the Globus family of brands which has just appointed Sedunia Travel as its General Sales Agent in Malaysia.


Madam Teoh Leng Lan, Executive Director of Sedunia Travel, is confident that Malaysians will take to river cruising like “a duck to water”.

At a media briefing to announce their new and exciting products for Malaysia, Madam Teoh said that Malaysians’ favourite long haul destination is Europe, hands down.  This sentiment mirrors that of Globus’ Sales across Asia last year when almost 90% of sales were for packages in Europe.

Europe’s appeal is that it’s an ever-green destination. One can visit in each season:  spring, summer, autumn or winter, thus a different experience each time.

River cruises offer a different perspective from conventional travel.  Just imagine cruising along The Rhine, The Danube or rivers in France, you can expand your wine appreciation skills, enjoy jazz festivals, extend your culinary skills appreciation or waltz to a symphony of destinations,” Teoh added.

Ray Smith, the GSA Business Development manager of Globus Family of Brands listed the benefits of river cruising versus ocean cruising: view from the window constantly changes, spend time in port every day, rooms offer more comfort than ocean cruising as every cabin has a view amongst others.

With smaller groups on Avalon Waterways, you’ll get more attention from staff, and there’s no queue at dinner times.  You arrive straight in town – no long transfers from the port to the sights.  It’s a relaxed pace,” said Smith.

And, best of all,” he added with a twinkle, “No seasickness!

Avalon Waterways are running a limited availability promotion on the Tulips of Northern Holland, Tulip Time Cruise, Balkan Discovery and Capitals of Central Europe. If you book the current promotional cruises, you can fly for free to your destination. The offer ends once all the cabins have been sold.

Sedunia Travel are launching a consumer competition on January 8th with up to RM100,000.00 worth of prizes to be won, including a Cosmos trip for two with return Emirates flights.

Sedunia Travel, one of Malaysia’s Top Five Corporate Travel Agencies has a strong base to market the Globus Family of Brands products and a user-friendly website.  Log on to www.seduniatravel.com for further information.

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Celebrate Aidiladha with National Geographic Channel

In conjunction with Hari Raya Haji, National Geographic Channel will showcase documentaries highlighting the celebration for three consecutive days, from 25-27 October 2012 exclusively on National Geographic Channel (Astro Ch 553) at 10.00pm.

Aidiladha celebration on National Geographic Channel starts with Inside Mecca on 25 October 2012 at 10.00pm. Inside Mecca tells the epic story of the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Islam’s holiest city, made by millions of devout Muslims each year. It is not only a grueling trek- it is the spiritual journey of a lifetime.

This hour-long documentary follows the pilgrimage of three Muslims, a pilgrim from our very Malaysia, America, and Africa,as they make their way through the millions of pilgrims in order to perform the essential rituals of their faith. National Geographic Channel brings you unprecedented access to several dramatic rituals including the spectacular circling of the Ka’aba and , gives an inspiring insight into a three-day ritual that is both a spiritual and physical marathon.

Meanwhile, the Legacy Of Prophet Muhammad will air in two parts. Part One will be shown on 26 October 2012 followed by Part Two on 27 October 2012. Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet tells the story of the 7th century prophet who changed world history in 23 years, and continues to shape the lives of more than 1.2 billion people.

This documentary creates a lively, thorough, and honest portrait of Muhammad, the man and the prophet. It takes viewers not only to ancient Arabian sites where Muhammad’s story unfolded, but into the homes, mosques and work places of some of the world’s seven million Muslims to discover the many ways in which they follow Muhammad’s example. Stunningly shot on film throughout the Middle East, Europe, and the US, this high-end feature-length documentary chronicles the life of one of the most influential men in history

Don’t forget to watch both Inside Mecca and A Leader’s Legacy: Prophet Mohammad Part One and Two from 25-27 October 2012 at 10pm exclusively on National Geographic Channel (Astro Ch 553).

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha!

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