Seoul: Day 2 – Itaewon-ro

So we went to Itaewon to grab our lunch before visiting Namsan Park. We had buffet at Ashoka situated at Hamilton Hotel before exploring the street.
view of itaewon

View of Itaewon Street from Ashoka Restaurant.

my lunch

my lunch.

lassi and coffee

My mango lassi and coffee.

While having coffee and lassi, I got to draw the view from the Ashoka.

view from ashoka

After lunch, we went walking along the street and dropped by Hard Rock Cafe to buy a shot glass for Marzie. But sadly, HRC had been closed for over a year already. The only thing that is there is the logo. The HRC shop had been taken over by Rockshop, selling clothing of many brands.


Later we headed to the Central Mosque. On the way up, we saw many Halal shops.If you ever visited Seoul, do drop by Itaewon. There are a lot of Muslim food as well as Halal groceries.

salam bakery

Salam Bakery

Central Mosque

central mosque in watercolor

Central Mosque in watercolor.

After visiting the mosque, we went down and shop some gifts at Hamilton Shopping Center. And later took a cab to Namsan Park. Have you seen the video of Namsan Park already? I have yet to upload pictures of beautiful flowers that I captured up on the hill. Will upload them on a different blog entry.



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Seoul: Day 1-A Walk from Seocho to Itaewon

So, it was raining non-stop yesterday. But that did not stop us from walking around in Seoul. Furthermore, we had to find Muslim food. As we are not familiar ourselves with the train system just yet, we decided to walk from Seocho-Dong to Itaewon.

So let’s take a walk with me along the way.

posing in front of a restaurant

Posing in front of a Korean restaurant on a junction leading to Banporo Road that leads to Itaewon.

In front of Catholic University

In front of Catholic University situated on Banporo Road.

small road

One of the small roads in-between the walk.

walking down that road

Me walking down Banporo Road, somewhere after Seoul District Public Prosecutors Office.


At a traffic light near JW Marriot.

pedestrian subway

Taking a pedestrian subway that leads to Hangang Park.

strong wind

Hangang Park. The wind was so strong that it turned the umbrella inside out! I like how the mechanism of the umbrella works.

banpogyo bridge

Right at the Hangang Park, there’s a pedestrian bridge to the other side. So we were walking right below a road bridge called Banpogyo Bridge.

We walked about 1.5km more before we finally found a restaurant.

Al-Saba restaurant

Al-Saba, a Halal Persian Restaurant situated at Itaewon-Dong, Yongsan-Ku, Seoul.

I had a green tea with Garlic Rice, while my husband, Chickpea Soup, Mutton Briyani and a special Persian tea.

green tea

Green Tea

Garlic Rice

Garlic Rice

mutton briyani


After the dinner, the rain wasn’t getting any better so we decided to just go back to the hotel and visit the market the next day. We took a cab and the fare was KRW6000 (about RM16).

Total walk was 6.8km.

Next, my visit to the Itaewon Market.

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Seoul: Day 1-morning

Reached Incheon Airport, Seoul, South Korea at 8.20am local time. Reached hotel around 9.20am. The airport to hotel took about an hour.

view from airplane

The view from airplane, about to descend.

heading to baggage claim area

Heading to baggage claim area.

our hotel stay

Our Hotel Stay, Friend Hotel. That’s my husband posing at the hotel sign.

The hotel is situated at Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul. Quite far from Central Seoul. We’re finding our way to Central Seoul. Most probably will be going to Itaewon today looking for Muslim food and mosque.

seocho-dong street

Walking down the Seocho-Dong street, looking for plug adapter. Failed the first time.

Went second time in the heavy rain and found an electric shop. Borrowed the receptionist’s umbrella. Later we bought 2 umbrellas. Can’t wait for the rain to stop. It will be raining the whole day today, tomorrow and Monday. Tuesday is predicted to be clear, let’s hope me and my other half can do a lot of travelling on that day.

Em shop

Found an ‘Em’ shop. 😀

Blogging live from hotel room,

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