Gyeongbokgung Palace

The details are too magnificent to draw. So, so-so je lah.

Hyangwonjeong Pavilion

Hyangwonjeong Pavilion.

While having a coffee break, I got to meet an uncle. I joined him sitting by the balcony of the cafe and draw. He painted on canvas, me just on my sketchbook.

Uncle and me.

the uncle

My sketching of uncle.


Here are more photos from Gyeongbokgung Palace and National Folk Museum of Korea.



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Hostile comments

All I did was upload few pictures and wrote this on the iMasTravel page:

Food hunting in Seoul
Emila Yusof|Tuesday, June 28, 2011 11:49 AM MYT

It continues to rain on our first day in Seoul. We did not want to stay in our room. Besides, we had to eat. From my research prior to visiting Seoul, there is quite a lot of Muslim food around the Itaewon area, so we decided to take a walk in the rain looking for Muslim food there.

We started from our hotel in Seocho-Dong and ended up at Itaewon-Dong, Yongsan-Ku, Seoul. Because it was raining, I had to forget to draw on location. It was a 6.8 kilometre walk in the rain. It was really tiring as I had never walked that far. (The most I can do is 2 kilometres.)

Here are some pictures along the walk:


And for the above entry, I got comments like these:

  • blah – malaysia stupidity reporter come back ,with more boring story. just bring along your house, and come with picture to .
    NAKALABUS – Just travel at moslem country la..end of eating problem
  • BlaBlaBla –  BRING OWN FOOD…Or bring the whole kitchen and cook inside the hotel room !!
  • genesys4 –  went to Korea to eat something you can eat at the back of your house!? I still don’t get it why people travel for this….
  • RIGHTEOUS65 – HEY, hypocrites…if u are a crimninal u are one and who are u to talk of halal or non halal food. AS FOR THIS REPORTER, SHE SHOULD JUST TAKE OFF HER TUDUNG AND EAT dog instead of looking for halal good…(edited, due to vulgarity)
  • Logic – If there’s any intention of traveling to non muslim country. Bring Malaysia halal food and u won’t smell the piggy foods.
  • Nlg Nlg – Not enough with our government clowns travel overseas and waste peoples money, now this idiotic reporters have come up with their own plan to waste our money further.
  • Nlg Nlg – Who cares what she eat or @#$% there? Why have to waste pages for this kind of news?
  • hardyyboyy – U cannot expect every country to cater for ur special needs like halal food. If ur picky just stay in ur own country and eat nasi lemak daily.

They left harsh and hostile comments for my simple writing. I am dumbfounded when simple English has been misinterpreted.  I enjoyed the walk in the rain knowing that there’s a food waiting for me at the end of the walk. Is that so hard to understand?

I won this trip and I am not wasting other people’s money. And the page on Yahoo, it’s mine for 6 months. I won the page. Yahoo! Malaysia/SEA helps me edit my entries. I am not picky on food, I can eat fruits and drink juices.

And I am not a reporter. I will never be. I travel where I want to travel. If you don’t care, don’t read my page.

I would like to thank you friends and readers who have supported me. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being always by my side through hard times.


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