Glutinous rice with salted fish and grated coconut in Ampang for breakfast

It has been few months already that I frequented a local stall that serves Glutinous Rice with Salted Fish and Grated Coconut, or locally known as Pulut Ikan Masin dengan Kelapa Parut. I discovered the stall while driving in the vicinity of the place I live in looking for breakfast.

Gerai Cik Ani Goreng Pisang is the name of the stall. Previously, Cik Ani sells goreng pisang (fried bananas) only in the afternoon but throughout the years, she expanded her stall to serve more authentic dishes for breakfast, lunch and tea-time. My top favourite here is Pulut Ikan Masin.

Pulut Ikan Masin is very common in the upper east coast of Peninsular Malaysia as well as other parts of Southeast Asia; namely Thailand, Burma, Laos and Indonesia. A cup of glutinous rice has about 150 calories, 2 very small cut of salted-fish has about 50 calories and another 50 for a spoon of grated coconut. In total, a plate of Pulut Ikan Masin has about 200 calories. I am highlighting it in case you need to keep track of your daily calorie intake.

So, if you are craving for Pulut Ikan Masin, come to Bukit Belacan (Lembah Jaya Utara), Ampang, Selangor and look for Gerai Cik Ani Goreng Pisang. You can ask for additional spicy sambal if you like and the price for a plate is RM2. It is only available during breakfast time from 7am to 11am, Monday to Saturday.

Gerai Cik Ani Goreng Pisang is located at the main road of Jalan Bukit Belacan, just in front of the 4th building of Permai Flats where a musolla (surau) is situated. There is also a grocery shop in front of Gerai Cik Ani.

Gerai Cik Ani is a typical by the road-side stall with only canopies to cover our head from the sun and the rain.  Expect to see a view of the locals; some waiting for bus, some driving out and about doing their chores and some in sporty attire walking/jogging their way to the nearby Ampang Forest Reserve. The area is very much a residence area where you can see few blocks of flats, surau, small shops, small houses, big houses, lush forest or even trace of people climbing up a hill nearby to put up flags.Very interesting view to complement a plate Pulut Ikan Masin dengan Kelapa Parut.

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Kemensah Waterfall

Initially, the plan was to go to Batu Asah Waterfall yesterday but after asking the locals the whereabouts, I had to scrap the idea. We actually need to hike or take the ATV in order to reach the place. Having kids (my son and 2 of my sister’s kids) and just me, I made a decision to just settle for a small waterfall along the Kampung Kemensah main road. The signboard says Kemensah Waterfall. Good enough for us and we rented a chalet just to have a place to sit, eat and put our things. Day use fee is RM40.

Two-tier small waterfall

Yassin enjoying the cool waterfall.

Kemensah Waterfall is located in Kampung Kemensah, Hulu Kelang. Getting here is easy, you need to look for Zoo Negara.  Take the main road beside the zoo before reaching Kampung Kemensah. Just take a drive further up and look for chalets on your left. If you go further up, it’ll lead you to ATV Adventure Park and further up to a  dead end where Institut Budaya Baru Melayu Selangor is situated. Well, I drove that far. I did dropped by ATV Adventure Park to ask for direction and the person-in-charge was the one who told that we cannot reach the place by car; only by foot, ATV or bike and it’ll take an hour to reach the place. It’ll be great to take the ATV but the fee is too high, me cannot afford to take 4 ATVs to Batu Asah Waterfall. It’ll cost me RM600!

The chalets here are purely kampung style, very basic and toilet is few steps away on sharing basis. There’s no restaurant here, so we were lucky that we had our lunch before coming here and brought some sandwiches and drinking water.

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KL view from Bukit Ampang #ampang

Where is the best place to view sunset view of KL? One place I know very well is Bukit Ampang located at Jalan Hulu Langat. As I live in Ampang Tasik, I often drive up for the view.

Previously, you can have this view from the Ampang Lookout Point but sadly the place has been closed down for a reason.

Translation: Notice of Closure of Ampang Lookout Point. This area has been sealed with immediate effect. Violators will be prosecuted.  Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKj)

Previously, the place was a popular tourists spot and there were good dining places. Until the place is open to public, you can have enjoy the beautiful Kuala Lumpur cityline landscape few metres away before the Lookout Point. You can have your teh tarik with maggi goreng, char kuey teow, etc from a group of small mobile food stalls located at the junction that leads to Taman Mulia Jaya, Ampang.

Do drop by the place and check out the view yourself. It’s breathtaking.

How to get there:

View Bukit Ampang in a larger map

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Zoo Negara

Finally! After more than 20 years, I revisited Zoo Negara (National Zoo) today for the 3rd time. The first visit was when I was 10 and second time was when I was 19. The trip to the zoo is actually less than half an hour from my home but I do not know why it took me so long to revisit the place. Went only with my son as husband got to go to work. We had fun calling out to the animals while waving at them. It was like meeting long lost friends, really 😀

Here are some pictures from the zoo (click to enlarge):
zoo negara main entrance zoo direction zoo_aquarium

zoo_seal zoo_gianttort zoo_elly

zoo_giraffe zoo_hippo zoo_sunbear

zoo_tiger zoo_peace

A bit info about Zoo Negara
Zoo Negara Malaysia is managed by the Malaysian Zoological Society,  a non-governmental organization established to create the first local zoo for Malaysians. Zoo Negara is now 46 years old and has matured into a well-known zoo all around the world. Zoo Negara has a total of over 5137 animals from 459 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Zoo Negara covers 110 acres of land which is situated only 5km from the city of Kuala Lumpur. Over the years, the zoo has transformed itself to an open concept zoo with over 90% of its animals kept in spacious exhibits with landscape befitting its nature.

Exhibits include Reptile Park, Monkey/Lesser Apes, Malaysian Elephants, Lake Birds, Bird Aviary, Nocturnal Exhibits, Wallaby/Kangaroo, Humbolt Penguin*, Children’s World, Bear Complex, Savannah Walk, Nile Hippopotamus, Mammal Kingdom, Freshwater Aquaria, Cat Walk and Ape Center.
*Humbolt is currently out of sight as its house is under renovation to accommodate his friends.

Opening hour
9.00am to 5.00pm daily.

Adult – RM20
Children – RM6
Senior citizen (above 60) – RM6.00

Adult – RM30
Children – RM15

Multi-Animal Show
(Sea Lion / Macaques / Macaws)
Daily: 11.00 am & 3.00 pm / 3.30 pm (Friday)

Zoo Negara, Hulu Kelang
68000 Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: +603-41083422/7/8

Amenities includes resting huts/shelters and benches, restrooms, refreshment kiosks, souvenir shop, restaurant, photo corners, ample parking space and prayer room.

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Zoo Negara map

View Zoo Negara (National Zoological Park) KL in a larger map

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