Canada Hill, Miri, Sarawak

“Be down here at 5.30pm, we want you to see the sunset over at Canada Hill,” Cath Tipong from Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) told me the minute I arrived at Mega Hotel, Miri around 4pm.

Geared with my camera, I went to Canada Hill on a van with Cath, Nancy Nais (from Leisure Travel magazine), Rona Sultan, the ground handler (BorneoSeries) and Raymond, the local tour guide.

How did Emila got this opportunity to visit Miri?, you might ask. To cut story short, I was suggested by Malaysia Asia to replace him on this trip as he had already made other travelling plan. I happily agreed to replace him and there I was in Miri for the first time in my life. Thank you so much to Malaysia Asia and STB for the opportunity.

The trip to Canada Hill was short as it only took us about 10 minutes to reach there from the hotel. Canada Hill is a limestone ridge overlooking Miri town and it offers a great view of Miri town as well as oil rigs scattered in the South China Sea. From the hill, the view of sunset is magnificent. The sun sets as early as 6pm here.

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator. ~Mahatma Gandhi 

Canada Hill is special because the very first oil well dubbed Oil Well No. 1 is situated here. Known also as the Grand Old Lady, the well has a very important place in Miri’s history as it was here that oil was first struck by Sarawak Shell in 1910. Using cable tool method, the drilling took place in August 10, 1910 and completed in December 22, 1910. Original depth was 452 feet with the last one being at 1096 feet in October 31, 1972. Estimated production is 660,000 barrels for the whole 62 years.

Grand Old Lady – Oil Well No. 1

Statues at the bottom of Grand Old Lady tower.

Also situated on the hill is the Petroleum Museum. Currently there is only DinoTrek2 exhibition and by next year the museum will be completed with traces and history and technological development of oil and gas industries in Malaysia.

Petroleum Museum.

 Update: The hill was named Canada Hill to honor a Canadian by the name of McAlpine who was assigned to erect the well. McAlpine completed the 87-meter high wooden tower in August 10, 1910.

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Kuching trip 2005

Well, this entry is long overdue. Haha. When I went to Kuching, I haven’t had a blog yet and I totally forgot about this trip until Marvicn and Elara came up with their Borneo Giveaway. Frankly, I did not remember buying any gifts and I thought that this is a great time to win something from Borneo; either Sarawak or Sabah. I did went to Sabah (KK and Keningau) but photos taken were mostly about a product road tour I was covering for my old company. So, it’ll just be about Kuching.

The Kuching trip was actually a working trip but I took the chance to bring my son, mom and aunty along. My flight ticket was paid by the company I was working with (BERNAS) and of course I bought my family their tickets. Lucky I jut got my salary that time. ;P

This was actually Yassin second trip on a flight; first one being to Terengganu. When I asked him whether did he remember boarding a flight to Kuching, he said he was too young to remember. Haha, he was 2 back then. I asked again whether did he remember having curly hair, he said yes. He had curly hair until he was 6.

The best part of travelling by flight is that I don’t have to look up to see the clouds. Here is Sarawak coastline from bird’s eye view.

We stayed at Hilton Kuching, thanks to BERAS CORP (the company that Marvicn is working now) for sponsoring the room. It was spacious. From the room we could see Kuching River.

Kuching River.

This was a 3-day trip and I did not really have a lot of time to bring my family around Kuching as I have to work. I only got to bring them for a sight-seeing on the second day (morning) and third day, morning until afternoon. I was not sure where to go, so we just walk along the waterfront that stretched approximately 1 km. The Waterfront is ‘self-contained’ with facilities for entertainment, refreshment, relaxation, cultural enjoyment and arts appreciation. I didn’t have photos of the shops as we were walking in the morning, most shops were closed. However, I did get to see it during night time while walking along the waterfront with colleagues and ex-bosses.

Not far from the waterfront, there was a row of shops, I think it is the Main Bazaar. We went to have a look. Oh, I remeber now buying some gifts. LOL.

I think this was when and where I developed the love for windows.

Yassin posing in his stroller with backdrop of Hilton Kuching.

I bought Yassin few Sarawak t-shirts and he wanted to put one on right away. So I granted his wish. I love the indigenous Orang Ulu motif.

Later we took a taxi and went to the town. I could not remember the shopping mall we went to but we had our lunch there and later we visited the famous Kuching Cats statue located at the junction of Jalan Padungan and Jalan Central. My aunt who used to live in Kuching for few years told me that the cats will be dressed up accordingly during festive seasons.

I wished to visit more interesting places but work was priority. So, this gives me a reason to go back and explore Kuching, or Sarawak in general. I heard there will be a Rainforest World Music coming up in July 2012 and is hoping to go. But I gotta look for flight best deal as well as the tickets to the event. I thought of going there with my husband who likes World Music. We are both fan of Deep Forest and hope to add more great world musicians to our list. But let’s see what’s our paycheck will be like next month.

Here are some photos of work and sunset in Kuching.

Jaafar Onn was here.


Bored kids waiting for their parents. LOL!

My best shot of sunset in Kuching, captured from the hotel room.

 Last but not least, my take on Orang Ulu motif.

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