Penang: from my son’s journal

I really thought that last Monday was a public holiday, so we stayed for the night (Sunday) in Penang. Truth, Monday was school day! Kantoi! Tapi dah buat surat explain to the teacher….

My son was really excited about going to an Island, so he took my mini notebook and wrote/drew things he saw.

No smoking. Not sure where he saw this.

Breakfast time. His dad and me seated together and him alone. Actually his cousin sister was seated besides him, but somehow he intentionally left her out.

List of food we ate during breakfast, complete with the table number 🙂

A list of places that he passed by and how many times.
(It’s a good idea to take note on how many longkang you passed by.)

Pulau Rimau ferry.

Marine life in Penang.

Oh! Penang got orca!

Our car.



Ok, you may ignore the latter two; they were so not Penang! Hehehehe

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Blogging from Penang

Yassin wanted to go to the beach, so we went to Penang. Stopped by Lunas, Kulim to visit my aunt and uncle and later went to UKL, Kulim to visit our niece. Ada. Ada accompanied us to Penang.

Yassin and his dad on the ferry

Yassin and his cousin sister, Ada

Yassin trying to build sandcastle

He was too lazy, he drew instead!

Main korek-korek pasir

Yassin running and jumping his heart out


This pictures were taken yesterday. Am blogging now from a hotel in Penang city centre and while waiting for hubby to take a quick nap before checking-out at 12pm.

Here’s a snapshot of Yassin today:

He took notes of what we did today and I have to refer to his notes before I could put up another entry. Till then, tata!

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