Journey of Water *

Guess where we went today?

silhouette of Yassin and me (photo by my husband, Zaim)

We visited Aquaria @ KLCC today! It has been quite sometimes that I wanted to go but since I need to snap photos for my Nature Study personal project, we finally went there today. I need subjects other than flowers.

As we went in, we got to meet Bamboo Sharks, Horseshoe Crabs and starfish at the DNA Touch Pool.

my husband holding a horseshoe crab

Our ‘Journey of Water’ starts right after the DNA Pool. The exhibits in Aquaria are divided into 6 zones, The Highland, Jewels of The Jungle, Flooded Forest, The Coast, The Living Reef and The Living Ocean.

Credit: Aquaria KLCC website

These are random pictures I captured (click to see larger version).

Red-bellied Piranha, frog and dunno what!

Axolotl, alligator and gecko

School of fish, arowana and lionfish

Yassin and his dad, shark and feeding session…

..and finally the Seahorse. It was very hard to snap its picture as it was moving all the time
but I managed to snap few good shots.

We definitely will visit the Aquaria KL again and also plan to visit Underwater World Langkawi soon.

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