Floria 2010

Went to the Floria Festival 2010 at Putrajaya last Saturday. It was the last day, so most of the flowers were drying and quite some gardens were left unmaintained. Typically, every garden has heliconia or crane flowers or strelitzia or bird of paradise. This was because they were the theme flower for this year. Nonetheless, there were other local flowers as well.

The feeling was not that great compared to the one I attended in KL Lake Garden back in 2008. I kinda like the 2008 one better as the individual gardens were quite big and constructed as if they were there to stay.

crane flower bouquet


The French Marigold


Wooden pavement. I like this idea, kinda suitable for my wooden house.

Yassin playing at the the playground field just in front of the Millennium Monument.

We missed the march band.

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So what do you do with a bunch of twigs?

You can do wonders if you want. Like these:

Although I have two big trees at my front yard but there wasn’t enough supply to make the above. So what I did was, went to the park, KL Lake Garden to be precise, and collect dry twigs. I am very sure that DBKL wouldn’t mind as I was doing nature a big favour; recycling.

Cool projects, right? I bought the plain frames from Ikea (3 for RM5.90) and made the pencils stand out of tissue tube. Covered the bottom part with layers of masking tape. I don’t think you need instruction for these projects as you can already figure it out by looking at them pictures.

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Petrosains Muzika

Do you like music? You do, yes? But do you know anything about the science of music? Not really, yes? My answer is ‘not really’ as well and that triggers me to learn more about it. So, yesterday I went to visit the latest exhibition in town: Petrosains Muzika at Petrosains, Level 4, Suria KLCC, Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur with my husband and son. The visit was great and we had tons of fun! Petrosains Muzika lets us mess around with music in ways we probably haven’t before; we can listen, see, touch, create and learn! Among exhibits we enjoyed include Speed of Sounds, World Music, Digital Piano Multi-Touch, Sound Spaces, Air Guitar, Never-Ending Piano, Vinyl Scratching, Giant Panpipes and many more.

Strum away the invisible guitar like Yngwie Malmsteen or Man Kidal!

Listen to World’s music by putting on the earphone and point the listening device to white spots. Can you guess what song represents Malaysia? Go and find out ‘coz I am not going to spoil the fun ^_^

You can listen to the panpipes humming by pressing your ears onto the mouth of the panpipes as well as play to the notes given by hitting the mouth with a club.

Vary the sound by just playing the strings instrument, or add woodwinds or brass or percussion to the Lahti Symphony. Better still, combine all together.

Listen to different quality of music samples from phonograph, gramophone, turntable (vinyl record) and CD.

I was lucky to be born in the era of turntable; my father had one. Funny thing is, as I recall it today, it was playing Boney M, many times over, to the extent that I could really remember the song by heart. Really.

Interactive information about Music & Seismology.

Virtual drum.

Do visit Petronas Muzika to experience all the fun. Below are details about admission hours and rates.

Admission hours
Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri – 9.30am – 5.30pm (last admission is 4.30pm)
Sat | Sun | Public Holidays – 9.30am – 6.30pm (last admission is 5.30pm)

Children (4 years old and below) – Free
Children ( 5 – 12 years old) – RM3
Adults – RM6

Booking Line

Logon to Petronas Muzika and join the on-going contest. Answers can only be obtained by visiting the exhibition. Prizes include PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii and iPod Touch. All winners will also receive a 1-year Petrosains Membership. Closing date of the contest will be on March 31, 2010.

p/s Have you been to Petronas Muzika? Let me know what you think about the exhibition and what exhibit do you enjoy most.

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Federal Territories Illustrated Postcard


Here’s all the eight postcards in the series:

poscard labuan

Download as print postcard: KL Illustrated Postcard VIII
Resolution: 300dpi, jpg, 1.80MB

postcard Vii

Download and print postcard: Illustrated Postcard VII
Resolution: 300dpi, jpg, 1.7MB

Federal Territories Illustrated Postcard VI - Putrajaya

Download and print postcard: Illustrated Postcard VI
Resolution: 300dpi, jpg, 1.5MB

Download as print postcard: KL Illustrated Postcard V
Resolution: 300dpi, jpg, 1.65MB

Download as print postcard: KL Illustrated Postcard IV
Resolution: 300dpi, jpg, 1.8MB

Download as print postcard: KL Illustrated Postcard III
Resolution: 300dpi, jpg, 1.5MB

KL postcard II

Download and print postcard: KL Illustrated Postcard II
Resolution: 300dpi, jpg, 2.9MB

Download and print postcard: KL Illustrated Postcard I
Resolution: 300dpi, jpg, 2.56MB

Terms of Use
You can use them long as it’s for personal use only.

You need:

  • a two-sheet card (120gm)
  • a clear self-adhesive lamination sheet
  • Spray mount or PVA glue
  • and of course a color-printer.


  • After printing, cut along the dotted line and fold by half.
  • Glue the inside by using spray mount or if you don’t have spray mount,  use PVA glue and use a piece of cardboard to spread the glue evenly.
  • Fold it and keep it under thick book for a while.
  • Cut the lamination sheet just about the size of the postcard.
  • Stick the sheet onto the image side of the postcard. Take a piece of cardboard and squeegee the sheets until it’s even.
  • Trim the edge nicely.
  • Keep it under the thick book again for half an hour.
  • Now you can send it safely to any destinations of the world!

Note: If your printer’s inks are waterproof or if you’re using laserjet printer, you can skip the lamination process.

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Blog4FT prize-giving ceremony

When I arrived at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya, I was greeted by Hakim, one of the team members of Blog4ft organising committee. He is the person behind the familiar chirpy voice since October, in charge of delivering the good news via the phone.

And it’s always nice to put a face behind a voice.

After talking with Hakim and filled in a form, I was led inside to the front table. After being seated, I was approached and greeted by a fellow blogger, Categorically Random (CR). We talked awhile and later I saw a familiar face waving at me from far. It was Bain! Bain joined us and I introduced Bain to CR. “Aa, the crony,” CR said. And the three of us laughed. Bain, my neighbour during the 80s, has won the monthly prizes for the Public Category as well! Yay Bain!

I was informed earlier that I would be seated with other monthly ‘winners’ and would be separated from my husband but little did I know, I was the only monthly winner seated there. I became suspecting as Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Elyas Omar (The Former Mayor of KL)  and his wife, was seated at the same table. When Encik Ahirudin Attan (The Editor of The Malay Mail), and later Datuk Fauziah Bachik (Federal Territories Ministry’s Deputy Secretary-General (Management) and her husband arrived with the Minister of Federal Territories, Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, I finally concluded to my own self that I was the only monthly winner seated with the VIPs. I panicked but was truly honoured to be seated with them albeit the feeling of being a little ant amongst mighty elephants.


The ceremony started with a prayer and later a speech by Datuk Raja Nong Chik followed by the prize-giving ceremony.


I went up the stage twice as I won for both October and November. It was a double joy for me!

Before dinner, winners were gathered on the stage for a photography session with Datuk Raja Nong Chik.


From left: Azizul Fahmi, Razzi Rahman, Muzaffar, Shaun Low, yours truly, Nadiah (cute little girl in front of me), Bain, Wong Ee Lynn, Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, Emily Yeow (Minyi Yeow’s sister- cute girl in front of Datuk), Ooex, Selamber, Smiley Aisha, Cayenne, Comelgurl, Wan Fakhrul, Sharifah Hani and Mustapa Lakawa.

Datin Nafesah Raja Nong Chik arrived later during dinner and I was all smiles when she said she likes my postcards!

For those who wanted to enter for December, it’s not too late! The closing date is on January 5, 2010. Just visit Blog4ft to find out how!

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Random KL sketches

I wish I could just sit and draw away directly but having a very active son, it is impossible because I have to tail him all the time. I am hoping to be able to do that when he grows up a bit. For the time being, most of my sketches are drawn from photos I captured intentionally for drawing purposes.


Below is a view from AKLEH (Ampang-KL Elevated Highway). Picture was taken by me while driving. Can you imagine holding steering with my left hand while snapping pictures away with my right hand? Do not try this in your car, ok?


Whenever I passed any beautiful buildings, I would stop and snapped pictures. Below are two of my favourite neo-classical buildings (Clock Tower of Sultan Abdul Samad Building & Textile Museum).



I could not resist drawing the modern glass and steel Petronas Twin Towers because everywhere  I turn or look, the building is there. Even from where I stay I can see vivid image of the building.


One of my hobby is watching and snapping photos of old windows and this particular window from one of the preserved buildings at Jalan Doraisamy did not escaped my eyes.


Even when I stopped at the traffic light, I would capture any scene that caught my eyes. Below is a view from Jalan Raja heading to Jalan Raja Laut traffic light.


Beside capturing scenery and buildings, my objects of interest are people; people doing their things, for example: ahem, Rashid Salleh…


…or this cute little girl in red…


…or my son smooching the totem pole…


…or my best blogger buddy, Yoon See posing with our evergreen singer, Kak Salamiah Hassan…


…or a tourist observing KL from the top of KL Tower…


…or three uncles having chicken rice at Central Market food court.


I also love watching animals. Below were monkeys having fun at Tanglin Hospital during weekends…


…and three permanent winged residents of Sentul Park lake.


Ducks or birds have always been my favourite subjects. Below are some drawings from my other sketch book.

Here is a couple of ducks from Lake Garden cleaning their feathers…

itik lake garden

…and a beautiful black swan from KL Birds Park swimming gracefully.

black swan from birds park

If you’re at Birds Park, please look for this handsome peacock; I couldn’t exactly bring out all the details of its plumage, it’s too magnificent.

peacock from birds park

Beside animals, i love to draw nature too. Below is frangipani from KLCC. There are quite a large numbers of frangipani trees at KLCC Park; somewhere from the fountain leading to the pool area.

frangipani klcc

Last but not least, here is a creepy tree situated somewhere between the Convention Centre and KLCC Park.

creepy tree of klcc

I think I have put enough loads on your browser with my drawing images. You, should by now get the idea already that Kuala Lumpur never ceases to offer great subjects for you to draw.

Just look around; your drawing subject might just be few inches near you.

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Taking time off up the tower

My body was aching and my knees hurt from the long sedentary position while working on illustrations for my book. The TV was on, the cartoons were screaming dingbodingboding, mishka mushka and other cartoony words, my son was talking non-stop and was expecting me to attend to him and answer all his questions. While figuring out answers to his questions, I remembered that I haven’t done my laundry. And then I remembered that I have typesetting amendments to make, drawings to illustrate, illustrations to draw (however you put it), yada yada yada, the list went on. My stress hormones suddenly went imbalance and before I snap, I quickly took a deep breath and said to my son, ” ok, let’s go somewhere.” This is a way for me to combat the stressful work or environment. I’m not saying that home environment is stressful but I’m working from home, home is my office, so yes, sometimes it is stressful.

Even if we cannot afford to go for a good vacation, a trip to local attractions is good enough. My son had been wanting to go to KL Tower since last month and the last time we went, he was 3. He said he could not remember what was it like to be on ‘top of the world’ and in need to refresh his memory. So yesterday, up the KL Tower we went.

It was just the two of us; my husband had to go to work.

After purchasing tickets of RM66 for both of us (including pony rides, animal zone and F1 simulator), we went up the tower; straight to the observation deck.

yassin and KL

I screamed from the top of my lung, “KL, we’re up here!!

Well, not literally; just softly in my heart.

I snapped pictures of buildings and was like ‘whoa, this building is pretty, wah that one is awesome, ooooh what an antique building‘ and so on. From the look of Yassin’s hey-this-is-supposed-to-be-my-trip face, I know he was getting bored so I told him he could buy something before we went down.

I want that Emperor penguin“, he pointed.

yassin & penguin

Yassin is a big fan of animals and you could see his drawings of animals that I put up in his blog.

So, off we went to the Animal Zone. Yassin was expecting Indian Rhino or Siberian Tiger…

kl tower animal zone

…told him that the Animal Zone is not like Zoo Negara where big animals are kept but overall he was happy to see cute animals like marmoset, fox and albino baboon. There were snakes but I dare not take their pictures!

Later, we went for a pony ride and F1 Simulator. He was not allowed on the latter as he was 4 inches short!! But we got to take pictures anyway.

yassin rides

We felt renewed after the visit. I did my laundry, cleaned the house and cooked. Yassin continued with his daily routine, playing Marine Park games as well as filling his drawing pads with animal drawings. I continued with my illustrations.


And also back to figuring out answers to my son’s endless questions. But that is okay as I have 2 things off my list for the week.

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