Art & Places: Journal d’Italie – David B, Bologna, Italy

It is always amazing to see an outdoor exhibition especially like this one in Piazza Del Nettuno in Bologna, Italy.

When I visited Bologna back in 2010, I did not expect much as I did not planned properly where to go and what to see as I was  busy completing my illustrations to be taken and displayed at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. But seeing something like this on the last day of my stay in Bologna was like a bonus. And knowing that David B is one of the masters of French comics, this was like a very big BONUS. For those not in the know, this was David B‘s last work. Although I did not understand a single word, I love the illustrations. These illustrations are from his comic Journal d’Italie, Tome 1: Trieste Bologne, published by Delcourt, in February 2010 in French language. It is a carnet de voyage in which the author explores some Italian towns (Bologna, Trieste, Venice, Parma), dwelling on the atmospheres and mysteries that they arose, with an approach between fascination and sense of strangeness for Italy.

And these shall inspire me to keep drawing in my sketchbook when I go travel. I have been slacking from drawing in my travel journal, most probably because the last sketchbook was not up to the quality I expected. The colour bleeds when I paint on it. I just bought 3 watercolour A5 sketchbooks and bound them into one and made it my new travel sketchbook. Waiting to fill it during my next travel. Tested this paper, and the outcome is great. You can see the outcome samples from my recent lil guardian’s illustrations. To me when the paper is of the right quality, one tend to draw nicer. Or was it the mood? Or the hope of going to Frankfurt? LOL, I dunno, whatever it is, I love the feeling.

I hope David B inspires you too to start your own travel journal/comic.

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