Monologue Soft Sketch Book

It was when I flipped through the papers that I fell in love with it. From inside, then I went on to the cover, I love everything about it; the 200 gsm Italian acid free drawing paper, the ribbon bookmarker, the black PU-flexi cover with round corners, and the elastic band closure. I knew I just had to have it. Paid SGD26 for it. I was in Singapore at that time.



Here are some drawings I made in the sketchbook:





You can see more of the artworks I made in the sketchbook on my previous posts: Random watercolour sketch and Sketching using watercolour pencils.

So, do you have a sketchbook? Ever consider of getting one for yourself? Need reasons to own a sketchbook? Ok, here are some:

  • Store all your ideas in the sketchbook. Make your thoughts real. You can draw/doodle all you want. Nobody is judging you.
  • Treat it as your journal. Write the date and draw something you see on daily basis.
  • You will develop your skills in freehand sketching.
  • Doodling in your sketchbook is a soothing way to pass the time. Try it while waiting for the bus, or waiting for your friends to show up.
  • Sketchbooks can help you resolve your emotional problems. Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that’s very effective. You don’t need the help of professional therapist — you just need to have a sketchbook.

So did I enticed you enough to buy a sketchbook? Then get one. You can get this brand online at or get any brand you like.

monologuetm Soft Sketch Book product specifications:

  • Black PU flexi cover with round corners
  • 200 gsm Italian acid free drawing paper
  • Rough textured paper surface suitable for various drawing techniques
  • Surfaced treated with vegetable gel, specially formulated to comply with ISO9706 and features long lasting stability
  • This paper has a rough surface suitable for drawing with the following techniques: Charcoal – Graphite – Pencil – Pastel – Oil Pastel – Wax Crayon – Acrylic – Collage – Oil – Spray – Tempera – Watercolour – Indian Ink – Gouache – Drawing Ink – Etching – Acquatint – Burin – Linocut – Lithography – Monotype – Dry Point – Silk Screen Process – Wood Engraving
  • Black elastic band closure & ribbon bookmarker
  • Available in 3 sizes: A4, A5 & A6



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Eclectic style dominates in Royal Selangor’s Autumn 2014 Collection

Royal Selangor’s latest autumn collection draws inspiration from different styles and eras resulting in five elegant ranges for contemporary living.


Inspired by the Renaissance, a time of artistic, scientific and financial growth from the 14th to 17th century, Chateau features patterns from classical columns, pilasters and other architectural motifs from the time period. The collection consists of a highball glass, decanters, whiskey tumbler, bottle coasters, champagne flutes, wine goblets and an ice bucket.


The Circa tableware collection is defined by the clean lines and durable functionality of the 1950s mid-century modern design, which originated from the American interpretation of the International Style and Bauhaus movements. Seamlessly combining Kulim wood and satin pewter accents, Circa comprises a spice mill, wine chiller, salad servers, bowls, bottle coaster and trays.


The mid-century modern aesthetic is once again highlighted in Miami, a range of retro chic candle stands. The collection features repeated curves which convey a sexy vibe, while bright pewter accents provide an interesting visual contrast. A hurricane lamp, tealight holder and candlesticks complete the Miami collection.


Portable storage goes high-end in Royal Selangor’s collection of 16GB USB flash drives and 500GB external hard drives. Pairing sleek design with fine pewter detailing, the range is available in three versions- the sunburst, parang and weave. The sunburst features a series of concentric circles, while parang is inspired by parallel diagonal lines found on batik fabric. The weave is derived from the signature mengkuang weave display at Royal Selangor. Both drives are compatible with most operating systems.


The twelve iconic animals of the Chinese zodiac take the spotlight in Royal Selangor’s collection of cufflinks and pendants. According to myths, they were selected from a race called by the Jade Emperor or Buddha and represent a specific year in a 12-year cycle. The intricate design of each animal takes its cue from Chinese paper cutting, a 1,500-year old art form listed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Whether for work or play, this collection makes it easy to express one’s individuality.

View the full range of the Autumn 2014 collection at any Royal Selangor retail store, authorised dealer and online at

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Step by step guide:

  • Signup/register your account at
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The e-voucher is applicable to all products and valid for one month from August 18 until October 19, 2014.

Have fun!



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To boot or not to boot

I recently got an invitation to co-exhibit with Yusof Gajah Lingard Literary Agency (who also represents me in licencing my artworks) in October 2013 at Frankfurt, so I jumped at the chance and took up a booth! I know its crazy; it’s like an ant trying to march alongside with elephants; but this is a way to licence my artworks. I know the chances of getting deal/s might not be on my side but at least I can promote my work internationally. I am going by the name of this blog:!

Anyway, work aside.  Am hoping to steal some times to visit places that I missed visiting last year, i.e. Goethe House, museums along River Main as well as another half part of Palmengarten. And yes, the zoo!

shoes1Me in Frankfurt last year. 

I took a note last year that I have to get a pair of boot if I go again. This is because I cannot stand the weather. Typical kampung woman like me cannot stand 20°C (high) to 10° (low) last year and my foot and ankle got numb from walking in the weather. I actually went looking for boots recently but could not find anything suitable for me as I have very wide feet. I cannot wear hard pointy sturdy original leather shoes or boots as it kills me and I can only wear those from soft materials like above picture. And guess what? I found the type that I want at Zalora Malaysia! I never thought that they have it until I went surfing the website. Look at these very comfortable boots from Celcius at Zalora Malaysia:


Nice, right? All are made from faux leather except for the light brown which is made from PU leather. Faux leather is a fabric that looks like leather, but is actually made out of other materials. It’s commonly used to make a wide range of products, including garments and shoes while PU leather is made by coating a fabric like cotton or polyester with a flexible polymer and then treating it to look more like animal hide. PU is breathable and I most likely to choose the light brown but I guess faux leather is good too.

So which one of these boots do you think is the best? I don’t know which color to choose.  I like black but the brown one seems nice also. How about the pretty pink one? You know I don’t really go for pink but that pink is quite nice and not too striking.


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Beautiful Surprise from VanityTrove!

Today I received a good smelling trove from Victoria! Wanna see what I got from her?

Now, let’s unveil what’s inside my trove:

I got Kao Essential Damage-Care Nuance Airy Shampoo, Kao Essential Damage-Care Rich Premier Shampoo, Dirty Works Bath Soak, Evanose Essencious Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF 45, Ettusais BB Mineral Cream, Yadah Lip Crayon Pencil, Erabelle MIZU Therapy Mask, The Body Shop Shiso Whitening Serum (15 packets!) and Aw Boon Haw’s Act-Q-Patch.

Thanks Victoria! Loving all the beautiful surprises! (Victoria T. is a virtual beauty consultant from Vanity Trove).

Now what have I done to deserve this VanityTrove?

Here’s how it works:
1) Sign up for an account to be a member on
2) Subscribe to receive the month’s edition in advance for only RM60.
3) Receive the trove and enjoy the beautiful surprises within  it!

So, if you are looking forward to receive beautiful surprises like the above, do join the VanityTrove club. The theme for June is Best Friends Summer (like mine above) and for July it’ll be Destination: Beautiful (July’s edition ends in 3 days – hurry!).

Basically, the VanityTrove concept is simple. The experts behind Vanity Trove find the latest beauty trends and share with you in a form of VanityTrove. For only RM 60.00 each month, you will receive a surprise filled with beauty treats made for a different beauty story each month, delivered right to your doorstep. You can also buy for your mum, sister or girlfriend, just purchase the gift from VanityTrove and have it sent to their doorstep.

Enticed? Why wouldn’t you be?! Head now to VanityTrove! You can also subscribe not only monthly but quarterly, semi-anually and anually.


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Pencil sketch of baby shoes and tips on getting your own sketchbook

So how you sketch a pair of  shoes?

First thing you need, of course, is a pair of shoes. Then go find a piece or paper, simili paper if you don’t have a sketchbook. But I suggest you make it a habit sketching in a sketchbook. Then you need a pencil and eraser. Then you need to sit still and observe the shoes. Draw out the shapes first, then you work on the details. Later you get to the shading part. This apply to other subjects as well, hehe.

What kind of sketchbook is suitable? If you just want to sketch by pencil, you can make a sketchbook out of white A4-sized papers. You may fold/cut into two and have them stapled together at the side. Cover the stapled area with a strip of tape. If you need a ready made one, try looking at your nearest stationery shop. Any sketchbook is good for a starter. But find a small one, easy for you to carry in your bag.

Sketchbooks I use (small ones, easy to fit in my bag):
1, Moleskine Sketchbook (9 cm x 14cm Rm89) – suitable for coloring as well, colorpencils, thin watercolor or tempera.
2. PaperLuxe Sketchbook (14.85cm x 21cm – A5 RM43.80) – suitable for watercolor.
3. Earth Care Sketchbook (8″ x 8″ RM 11.oo) – suitable for thin watercolor or colorpencils.

You can get Moleskine from CzipLee, Bangsar and Page One @ Kinokuniya, KLCC and you can get Paperluxe and Earthcare at Kinokuniya KLCC as well as Popular Bookshop. Not sure about other bookshops.

Pencils. What kind of pencil I use? I use mechanical pencil with 2B 0.5 lead. 0.5 is the most common lead, 0.75 is quite hard to find. Why mechanical pencil? I hate to sharpen my pencil all the time. That’s why you see my sketches are all so clean.

1. Keep a cotton bud in hand if you like to blend your shadings. Normally I would use my fingers to blend but for small areas, cotton bud is quite handy.
2. If you don’t like to blend, make sure your pencil strokes are all in the same direction Click to enlarge my sketch above to see what I am talking about.

Paperluxe Etcetra A5 Cloth Bound Cover with Perfect Bound Interior RM43.80


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