7 ways to be a great storyteller for children

So how do you win over an audience of children?

I observed how TV Host/Singer, Sarimah Ibrahim telling a story in a storytelling session on May 7, 2011 during the Picture Book Week in Bangsar, and from the session, I can point out 7 simple ways to be a great storyteller:

  1. Be confident and just be yourself.
  2. Choose a good, interesting and fun story.
  3. Act the story out with different voice tones and facial expressions.
  4. Tell it in your own words. Just remember few lines and let them come out differently.
  5. Engage your audience in the story.
  6. Speak clearly and loudly.
  7. Have fun!

See Sarimah Ibrahim telling story in the video below. She has a way with children and oh, adults too, particularly an adult who was capturing the video. Haha.

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See Emila Draw: Norma Jeane

My figure and portrait sketching needs some practicing, thought I sketch NJ. It’s not much of NJ but yeah, the practicing part is the most important. I’ll draw till I get it right. You agree? Come join me and sketch!

This video features a song entitled Javairia, composed by No Reason, a very talented musician who submitted a song in Yuna Inspired contest by MAS. He needs votes as well and to vote, here’s how:

1) Click this link to accept Yuna Inspireds Apps: http://apps.facebook.com/yuna-inspired/ (choose PUBLISH, don’t SKIP)

2) Then listen to this song>>http://apps.facebook.com/yuna-inspired/video_gallery.php?v=25&page=3. To vote, just click the like button below the video. That’s it.

3) Make sure the video title is  ‘Yuna Inspired Competition – My Rendition’ by Norizan Nordin Yusuf.

Done in Corel Painter

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